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My preliminary schedule for Rootstech 2014

One of the best parts of a conference like RootsTech is meeting people in person with whom you have been corresponding about your beloved hobby. There are a number of folk whom I really look forward to meeting in person.

Reminder there are 2 days left to win a free pass so send me your questions for Spencer Wells.

Since there are so many presentations I want to go to I thought I would try using the Ipad app. So I downloaded it and as soon as I tried to use it though it wanted a username and password. I tried several of my usual combos to no avail and then used the handy “forgotten password help” which kindly sent me my username and a new password.

Meanwhile here are my picks for presentations to attend:

Searching the Digital Archive of Norway RT1486


How can you find your ancestors in the Norwegian sources? Many of the sources are available free on the Internet, but how do you find what you need?

Thursday, 10:30 AMRoom: 251A

I have used the digital archive but have great trouble with the search engine. I really look forward to improving my skills!

Next I am torn between Tim Jantzen’s presentation, much of which I know already and …

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My contest for a free pass to RootsTech 2014

One lucky reader will get a free pass to Rootstech 2014 this coming February (an educational event for the howtos of using technology in family history research), since I will be an official rootstech blogger. So my idea was to award it to whomever comes up with the best question for me to ask Spencer Wells at the conference. I am expecting to have a private interview with him, video recorded and posted here. So send me your questions via my contact page by January 30th.

It was Well’s book, Deep Ancestry: Inside The Genographic Project, that sparked my interest in population genetics and genetic genealogy. After I read it, I did the original NatGEO DNA test. Then I transferred the results to FamilyTreeDNA.com but my mitrochondrial DNA was too deep in the past to satisfy my genealogy cravings. Soon thereafter I heard about 23andme and tested there. Twisted the arms of many family members and relatives to get tested, including my father, whom I had tested by both of those sites. In the process I read lots of books and blogs. The marriage of genes and genealogy known as genetic genealogy had me firmly hooked.

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