I am in Norway!

I wanted to remind everyone that the streaming videos from the Southern California Jamboree are available online for free until July 5 (see my previous post). For the next 2 weeks I will mainly be blogging about my travels in Norway.

Corinne and Sigmund at the Bergen airport with Rhododendruns

Corinne and Sigmund at the Bergen airport with Rhododendruns

I had forgotten how much I love rhododendrons since they do not grow anywhere I have lived in the past 15 years. This picture is of my travel companion, 4th cousin Corinne, who I met via DNA testing, with Sigmund, my DNA friend and distant cousin, at the Bergen airport with the rhododendruns. Sigmund is the fellow who found the Y line cousin for me to test to solve our Monsen brick wall.

There were no less than three streamed presentations at the jamboree which included google tips. My favorite tips were to use dates separated by two periods when searching for an ancestor and to use a * to wildcard whether or not there is a middle name even when in quotes. So for example,

“lawrence * munson” 1900..1950

which finds my own family history site of course!

More pictures from Norway ….



Norwegian Girls and Kitty in Bergen

Norwegian Girls and Kitty in Bergen

Downtown Bergen

Downtown Bergen


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