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Building a Color Coded Chromosome Mapping Tool

I am starting work on a web based program that will generate color-coded images of the chromosome segments inherited from your ancestors on an image of all 23 of your chromosomes. Cece Moore has done this by hand and that is the model for what this program will do. Click here for the sample image  she posted in her blog article about autosomal DNA testing

The first release will just take your spreadsheet and make a picture. That spreadsheet will have the same columns as the family inheritance compare at 23andme (or chromosome compare at ftDNA and GEDmatch) plus 3 new columns, side (paternal or maternal), MRCA(s) and optional color choice for each MRCA. Initially 16 ancestors can be plotted. A color palette can be chosen instead of specific colors and that will include a grayscale for the color blind.

So I solicit all your suggestions. I am reposting here some of the thoughts of my fellow DNA-NEWBIE mailing list members, brought to us by ISOGG

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