News for Rootstech 2014: one day left in my contest, and my Saturday schedule

VideoCamMany of the Rootstech sessions will be streamed to the internet and then available for about a year online. The schedule of those sessions is at the familysearch web site: so I will add this video symbol to the sessions I am going to that will be online.

Today is the last day  for my readers to win a free pass to Rootstech 2014

In my last post I had looked through the schedule for Rootstech up until Friday at 1:00. Below I have laid out the rest of what I plan to attend.

I am excited to finally meet Daniel Horowitz with whom I work remotely on the IAJGS cemetery site. He is the Chief Genealogist at, of which I am a big fan. One of the problems for those of us with recent ancestors from Europe is finding online sources and our distant relatives abroad. MyHeritage and, who are partnered now, are two of the best sites to assist with that.

So this is a must-go-to session for me!

Finding Family and Ancestors Outside the USA with MyHeritage New Technologies RT1278


VideoCamLearn how MyHeritage tools can help break down brick walls in your research of ancestors outside of the United States by harnessing the power of an international family history network.

Friday, 2:30 PMRoom: Ballroom Hall

Skill Level


Hopefully I will find some time for the Exhibit Hall

Technology for Deciphering Foreign Language Records RT1255


Once we have identified the origin of our immigrant ancestors, we are faced with the task of continuing our research in an unfamiliar language. This presentation will show you how to use tools at your fingertips to decipher those records.

Friday, 4:00 PMRoom: 250CF
Intermediate Skill Level

Tim Janzen is a heavyweight in the world of gentic genealogy and one of those third party tools he may mention is my mapping tool! Since I plan to do more with it and write more tools, I want to attend this session and get feedback. I had a lovely email from a distant Norwegian cousin who went to some other genealogy conference where Tim did this presentation which asked me “Are you THE Kitty Cooper who did the segment mapper? ”

Using Third Party Tools to Help You Get More from Your DNA Test Results RT1376


In the past several years a number of very important tools have been developed which, when used appropriately can greatly facilitate the use of DNA test data. The most important of these tools will be demonstrated.

Saturday, 10:30 AMRoom: 250DEIntermediate Skill Level

But that mean’s I miss this fascinating sounding session, thank goodness it is being streamed so I can watch it later

Become an iPad Power User RT1506


VideoCamMove beyond apps into iPad power usage. Lisa Louise Cooke, author of Turn Your iPad into a Genealogy Powerhouse, shares hacks for customizing your tablet’s browsers and bookmarks, app organization and search, harnessing accessibility features, and Evernote tricks.

Saturday, 10:30 AMRoom: Ballroom J

Intermediate Skill Level


I have not yet decided between these three presentations, the second one may make up for missing the Ipad power user session …

Behind the Scenes of the Research Team RT1425


Get a behind-the-scenes look at how the Research team uses family history to engage celebrities, TV personalities, and journalists. Learn new ways to discover stories, preserve what you find with purpose, and share the connection with your family.

Saturday, 1:00 PMRoom: 254ABCIntermediate Skill Level


Can I Do My Genealogy on My Tablet? RT1326


Tablets are small and compact, but can you actually do your genealogy on these things? Yes you can! In the session we’ll look at some of the options for genealogy programs on the iPad and Android tablets.

Saturday, 1:00 PMRoom: Ballroom F

Intermediate Skill Level

Finding Biographical Information Online: Free Digitized Genealogy, History Books & Newspapers Online RT1238


There are many free historical publications online that might have some information about your ancestor. We will look at Google Books, FamilySearch Books, Internet Archive, Chronicling America and more.

Saturday, 1:00 PMRoom: Ballroom A

Intermediate Skill Level

this next one sounds like fun and my cup of tea!

Genealogy Meets Angry Birds: Making Interfaces More Addictive RT1463


Genealogy would be significantly more engaging to the masses if it were more like playing Angry Birds and less like doing your taxes. This class discusses practical applications of gamification to genealogy interface design.

Saturday, 2:30 PMRoom: 250AB

Beginner Skill Level

these two sound interesting to me as well … last but not least

Finding Living People on the Internet RT1097


You might increase your chances of finding dead relatives by finding living ones. This talk will discuss a multitude of categories of websites that can be used to track down or simply discover living relatives. Find a cousin today!

Saturday, 4:00 PMRoom: Ballroom J

All Skill Level

Creating Massive Value for Users Through Matching Technology RT1912


Explore how MyHeritage is continually creating new value for users with our matching technologies, including Smart Matches™ and Record Matches.

Saturday, 4:00 PMRoom: 250CF

All Skill Level

Since I will be blogging about what I learn, your suggestions and comments are welcome. Let me know what sessions you think I should go to where there is a conflict! Click here for the full Rootstech 2014 schedule.


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