DNA blogs

These are my favorite DNA blogs (many are both genealogy and DNA), divided into groups, then listed in order of how often they post. Most of these you can follow by signing up for an email notification. Otherwise you can use one of the many RSS feed services on the web. Personally I use protopage.com to follow most of them but there are many other RSS agregators.

BLOGS I always read from the “Rock Star” DNA bloggers

Roberta Estes
Mainly DNA including a concepts series
About 3 times a week

Blaine Bettinger
The Genetic Genealogist
No longer actively blogging but many posts in his facebook group Genetic Genealogy Tips & Techniques

CeCe Moore
Your Genetic Genealogist
Not very often any more, but watch her on TV at ABC in the new show, The Genetic Detective. Also the DNA consultant on TV’s Finding Your Roots among many other credits.

Debbie Kennett
Cruwys One Name Study
British and very knowledgable (does the ISOGG wiki, thank you!)

Judy Russell
The Legal Genealogist
Alternate days and Sundays a DNA post.

All these bloggers are on the genetic genealogy rockstar list at

DNA BLOGS that are my must reads

Jim Bartlett
once a month if we are lucky, did some shorter tips recently

Sue Griffeth
Genealogy Junkie
rarely posts but excellent, mainly DNA

Leah LaPerle Larkin
The DNA geek
keeps a chart of the database sizes and processing time, has some Acadian and Cajun endogamy

Dana Leeds
One or twice a month, focused on the Leeds method of sorting matches by color

Paul Woodbury’s personal blog, new, but great so far

Paul Woodbury and others
Legacy Tree Genealogists
yes I am an affiliate but I really do like their DNA articles

JEWISH DNA, also at least a must skim for me

Lara Diamond
Lara’s jewnealogy
Jewish DNA and genealogy about twice a week

Israel Pickholtz
All My Foreparents
once a week

OTHER DNA BLOGS I like to read

Your DNA Guide
and I particularly like this article:
Calculating Pedigree Collapse on DNA Matches

Louise Coakley
Australian, one of the best

The Coop Lab‘s series on genetic genealogy
from the Department of Evolution and Ecology at UC Davis, and the Center for Population Biology.

Debbie Wayne Parker
Deb’s Delvings in Genealogy
Texas genealogist, lots of DNA

Amy Johnson Crow
Ohio both DNA and genealogy

Rebekkah Canada
always interesting, does not blog often enough!

Kalani Mondoy
Hawaii DNA
rarely posts but fascinating endogamous DNA

Jason Lee
DNA Genealogy
irregular postings but good ones.

Shannon Christmas
Through the Trees
African American genealogy and DNA

ADOPTION oriented

Richard Hill
The DNA Testing Advisor

Michael Lacopo
Hoosier Daddy
not posting much these days, story of his successful search for his Dad with DNA

I am sure I have missed a few DNA blogs that I read or should read but these are the ones on my protopage. Feel free to send me others. I do have some non-DNA blogs listed on my resources page and will update that soon as well.