Archive | July 2013

First version of Chromosome Mapping Tool

I am looking for more testers and some feedback on the colors. Click the read more for more images. Yes my data has a small bug for chromosome 1 and 9 :). In the actual tool mousing over the color tells you the ancestor, the segment size, and start and stop points. The actual output is much larger than the image below.


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Drying the Excess Figs

One thing I truly love about our garden in our new home in the San Diego area (Lakeside) is all the magnificent mature fruit treesmyFigTreeMed. Fresh figs are my favorite.

Our fig tree pictured on the right must be at least 60 feet tall. See its size compared to my car on the far bottom left.

I had too many figs in the first crop this year and there is an enormous second crop on the tree so I googled around for how to dry figs and decided I liked this link the best:

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