Using my segment mapper for cousin Katy

I finally got Katy’s data uploaded to GEDmatch so that I could compare it to all my other WOLD cousins. Naturally I had to make a spreadsheet of her overlaps, save it as a CSV file, and then run it in my segment mapper tool to get a pretty picture Here it is! Click on the image below to get to the full html page that includes the mouse-overs showing the actual cM size and the base pair boundaries.
One thing I find interesting is how large the segments are for us fairly close cousins.

GP is my first cousin and JQ is my 2nd cousin but they are both 3rd cousins to Katy. KB is my 3rd cousin once removed, as well as Katy’s, discussed in a previous WOLD DNA story; while MWS is Katy’s 2nd cousin’s son from the WOLD line who first supplied the photos.

For those who are interested, here is an image of the CSV file I used. Notice how I forced cousin GP onto line 1 of the chromosome graph by putting a 1 in the track column. This is an undocumented feature because it is not fully tested yet! You can also specify colors in a color column. Full documentation is on my page about the DNA Segment Mapper


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