GEDmatch is back up! is back up at last! is the site where you can upload your DNA results from any of the three main companies and compare them to other people’s results uploaded there. I have numerous articles on GEDmatch on this site, just click GEDmatch in the tag cloud on the right or click here. There is also a guide to using GEDmatch in my downloads section.

Also for anyone in the San Diego area, I will be giving a talk on using GEDmatch on the third thursday in August for the Carlsbad group of ISOGG members. More details on that soon.

Having that site back is great news for those of us who love it!

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  1. Ray there is a guide to GEDmatch in the downloads on this site. But first you have to get a username and password. Next follow the directions for uploading your raw data. Finally wait for it to be processed which can be many days. I am not sure how long the wait is currently

    Once your data is processed then use the guide.

    Also click GEDmatch in the tag cloud on the right for lots of useful articles

  2. I have predicted third cousin, we match 1.5% on 5 segments and my first cousin matches the same person on GEDmatch 1.5% on 6 segments.

    this predicted third cousin had his mother tested and we match 2.75% across 6 segments.

    Since my mother was tested we can determine she matches on my fathers side, yet we share no gg grandparents, but have a ggg with the same surname as my ggg grandparent.

    could we have 2 gggg grandparents which would explain why we match so closely ? Or did one of my Grandfather’s uncle’s impregnate his Great grandmother ? They were next door neighbors from 1900 to 1915 when his grandmother was conceived ….her husband soon vanished

    • Jack –
      If you belong to an endogamous population group like Ashkenazim or Mennonites then the relationship could easily be more distant than predicted. I have found that predicted third cousins on my Norwegian side are often much further back but share more than one ancestor with me which increases the shared DNA. Or even share the same ancestral couple on more than one line. See my article on Etne endogamy for more about that.

      Shared autosomal DNA does not come with a guarantee; it is not that precise. How many cM do you share? See the charts at ISOGG for more on this:

  3. i’m trying to upload my brother’s dna to gedmatch and i get this error help


    (165) Warning: The file or the file name (genome_MAURICE_JOSEPH_Full_20140726072203.txt) has been altered. This may cause incorrect determination of your upload parameters or incorrect loading of the data.
    If this upload does not complete successfully, please use the original file as it was downloaded from 23andMe on your next attempt.
    If you need help, send an email to the site administrator with the original file attached.

    Your 23andMe DNA data file has been successfully received at the server. Processing milestones are listed below. This may take several minutes. If you leave this page before it is finished, your data may be lost. Please be patient.

    Size: 14786145 Bytes

    ERROR: File appears to be too large to be a Zipped file. If the file is unzipped, please upload the original zipped file as received from 23andMe. Halt.

  4. debra –
    The filename you give is for text file. When you download from 23andme is it a zip file. Upload that zip file as is. Apparently you have unzipped it

  5. I just now began uploading my Autosomal results and they’ve been uploading now for over one hour ! The site says several minutes. It seems to be processing, but I’m concerned this seems so slow. Is this normal? My Kit # is dd5f853d. Thanks, – Charlie

  6. Charlie that does not sound normal. How fast is your internet connection? I would try it again and be sure you have followed intruction exactly

  7. Kitty, it would be interesting to have a tool that shows in which generation (approximately) the “Ahnenschwund” took place. Unfortunately nobody can say that or am I wrong?
    You have interesting topics and links + the amazon books list here, but it’s impossible for me to read them in one night… 😉

  8. Hans you cannot learn this stuff overnight. It takes a bit of time to grasp but you do already have the concept that DNA gets more and more random after a generation or two so you are correct that no one can tell you when that took place …

    A simple case in point is that I have one Jewish grandparent, yet I have 27% ashkenazi DNA while my brother got only 20%.

  9. Also Hans, there is a chart here of percentages

    So for example if you have 1% from a specific ethnic group it could be a 5th grandparent or someone even further back. Keep dividing 50% in half to get the expected percentage from the next generation up but remember that it can vary pretty widely the farther you go.

    Another example, my Dad is 1.2% Finnish but there are no Finns in the five generations for which his tree is complete.

  10. Since I tested with 23andme also uploaded to GED match my email was hacked. I do not remember my password for GED match to gain access they would reply to the non working email. How can I contact them to make changes?

    Thank you

  11. Muriel, the simplest thing to do is to upload your raw data again with the new email. It is all much faster now to get processed.

    Once your new data is ready, you can send them an email asking them to delete the old account which they can see is identical. The site name at the bottom of every page is linked to an email address to contact them

  12. HI Kitty,

    I haven’t been able to access anything on gedmatch except one-on-one matches. Is it me or is gedmatch experiencing issues? It’s been going on for a couple of days now and I keep hoping that tomorrow will be a better day but so far that hasn’t happened.


    Lisa Fitzgerald

  13. Lisa –
    Patience is a virtue when it comes to GEDmatch. Sometimes the pages are slow to load but they are working fine for me.
    I recommend that you clear your browser’s cache and retry. Sometimes the “down” page can be stuck in the cache. Also on a PC you can hold the control key while you click refresh to force a new page from the server.

  14. I have been trying for 3 days to upload my ancestry gedcom file that I downloaded from It is a .get file that is 9.6 mb. The system says the file has uploaded, but each time I have tried (at least 4 or 5 times) it just stops during the name building part. I suspect my file is too large, but I don’t know how to make it smaller. I get a message on the page that if repeated attempts at uploading are not successful to make the file smaller or email the administrator. I cannot find the administrator’s email address anywhere on the site. Can you please help me?! Thank you!

      • The email address for support is GEDmatch at gmail. To make a smaller version of your GEDcom use the export feature of your genealogy program to export just 12 generations of ancestors.

  15. Thank you ms. kitty! Since I updated computers, I no longer have a Family Tree Maker and will need to purchase another copy in order to make my gedcom smaller, since it appears there is not an option to export less than the whole tree from ancestry.

    • If you use ancestry then family tree maker is your best choice. It is very intuitive and easy to use in my opinion

      Disclaimer, I am an affiliate and get a little something if you buy it through my link: The Ancestry Store

    • It is also helpful to synch your family tree maker tree with your ancestry tree. Then if you make a change in one it gets synched with the other

  16. Hello Ms. Kitty,

    In a previous post to someone who was having an problem uploading their DNA file from 23andMe you mentioned that because the file had a text name that was causing the error and to download the file in its original zip format. I have tried this multiple times and each time the file downloads to my computer it is changed into a text file I’m not given a option regarding the file format. How do I get the file in the zip file format? Thank you for your assistance

  17. Washington – It sounds like you have a Mac? That is not my area of expertise. This problem does not happen on a PC that I know of.

    Try calling support for your computer or better yet google the problem. That usually works for me.

  18. I am unable to use more recent GedMatch kit #s in the comparing two kits. The kits have been uploaded for over a month. Is there a way I can send the kit #s that are not working to GedMatch? The kit#s work in the one to many utility and the one to one.

    • Hosea, if the kits are working in one to many and one to one then in what way are they not working?
      GEDmatch has had tons of problems recently so it might just be best to delete those kits and upload them again. The support email is gedmatch at gmail dot com

  19. I am the administrator for two DNA kits, one for my brother at 23andme and another for my 2nd cousin at Ancestry. Can I upload both to GEDcom? Thanks!

    • Yes you can Bonnie. Follow the instructions on the site once you are logged in. Then they will both be under your account.

  20. I successfully downloaded my raw data from Ancestry to Gedmatch a few days ago,however the batch processing never completed after three days and finally a page came up saying there were errors. So, I deleted my transfer and started over,however for two days my raw data download is stuck on chromosomes 1 and will not process any further even if I stay on the page for an hour.

    • Kathy wait a day of two then try and try again … The site has been having problems but you could also try downloading another copy of your raw data and using that just in case.

  21. Thanks. And much as I looked (and just looked again now), I don’t see the email at the bottom of the page, which is where I look for them. So I appreciate your help.

    • If you have uploaded your data to GEDmatch, your kit number will be listed in the left hand column under resources when you are logged into GEDmatch
      But it sounds like you downloaded your raw data and have not yet uploaded it. If you click on the link for uploading your data in the top right box on your GEDmatch home page there is a link thre with detailed instructions on uploading

  22. Kitty, I transferred autosomal data from FTDNA to GEDmatch on June 8, 2017 (over two weeks ago). I was notified that data transfer had been accomplished; Kit Number, full name, and alias for tested individual are correctly listed under my “DNA resources”. However, statement there is in red, marked by an asterisk, with a message that kit has not yet been “tokenized” (whatever that means) and has not completed batch processing. I have transferred data on other individuals including myself with delays of hours or at the most a few days. Can you tell me what time frame is now the norm for processing? Is there something else I should do? Thanks!

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