This is where I put bits of genealogy research information I want to keep around that do not fit on any other of my pages has a wonderful wiki which is often the best place to look when starting research on a place where your ancestors lived

Chronicling America is a free resource for searching newspaper articles in the USA

South African BMD records can be ordered from this website very cheaply


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  1. Kitty: I am of 100% italian descent. 25% of that is Tuscany (but not my paternal side). I believe that the DNA of ancient Etruscans and Romans has now been sequenced. First, I wondered first if it were capable to see how much of this DNA might be inherited in modern day people ala Neanderthal-Denisovan work? Second, if so, would it require Y chromosome or mitonchondrial analysis or could it be found in a regular autosomal analysis (identify by state?). if doable, seems like it would be an interesting added-on service. Have you heard of any of these companies pondering something like this?

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