Congratulations to DNAadoption on its anniversary

You do not have to be an adoptee to benefit from a class on – they have several one day classes which are introductions, explaining how to use your results, tailored to each specific vendor. They also have a longer basics course and many more advanced courses.

Diane, Tim Janzen, and Kitty at the 2013 Rootstech

Diane, Tim Janzen, and Kitty at the 2013 Rootstech

The inimitable Diane Harman-Hoog wrote a blog post today announcing the two year anniversary of their classes. Along with Karin Corbeil and Rob Warthen, Diane has taken DNA adoption searches into the electronic age with online courses and much more information available on that site. The many success stories bring tears to my eyes.  A few are here – and more can be found in the archives of the DNAadoption yahoo group.

I got to meet Diane at the 2013 Rootstech conference along with expert genetic genealogist Tim Janzen and many other wonderful people I had corresponded with via email. Needless to say I keep going back to that conference; of course, the location next to the great genealogy library in Salt Lake City has something to do with that also!

Rob Warthen has written some wonderful tools that benefit all of us genetic genealogists that are hosted over at and are linked to from the DNA adoption site.

 I highly recommend you try them out. I personally use the tools there to download all the matches that match a specific person I match with at 23andme as well as the many Family Tree DNA tools and download options. I talk about DNAgedcom on my tools page plus they have new subscriber features which I hope to review here soon.

And yes I have written a tool or two myself, one of which, Kworks, is hosted at It will group all your Family Tree DNA matches and make an ICW matrix in a a CSV file created from your CSV match and ICW files. This was written to help adoptees but others find it useful as well. Someday I will do a post about it.


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