New at GENI – Descendant and Ancestor Lists

There is an exciting new feature at the collaborative world tree at – compact descendant and ancestor reports. These have a number of modern style features. Every person in the list gets a nice summary box on mouse-over and is, of course, clickable to their profile. The number of generations displayed is easily changed with a slider above the report.

These reports are initiated from the Actions menu as shown below.

GENI action menu


Here is the descendant report for my great great grandfather Salomon Langermann. The numbers show the generation level from the top person.

Geni-Langermann Descendants

I was curious how great-uncle Frederick Edward Langermann would show as he was adopted by his uncle Max after his father Isadore died when he was about 10 years old. This is a recent area of research for me and I like that GENI lets me attach both the adoptive and biological families to an individual.

Here the ancestor report for my mother. Now the numbers show how many generations up the ancestor is. It is fun to change the slider and watch it dynamically recompute.


I confess that I complained to Mike and Randy about the lack of these reports when I was at the SCGS Jamboree and I showed them how nice the ones at WIKItree are. It is really wonderful to have gotten such a quick and attractive response, thank you Mike!

I try not to play favorites among the big three in collaborative world trees. I use them all. I like the record matching at, the ability to show a tree and a descendant report at without logging in, and the relationship calculator at the top of every page at GENI. Now I have something else to love at GENI.


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