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I just found out about two wonderful browser helpers for 23andme that work only in Chrome and installed them both. So far I am absolutely delighted with them.

  • 23++  totally redoes the 23andme inbox so you can search by name or subject. Since I have a few hundred messages by now this is essential. I had been continuing many conversations via email partly because the inbox at 23andme was so limited. This addon also adds functionality to the relative finder, as well as other features
  • 529andyou collects data in your local chrome mySQLlite database every time you look at the table comparison in the ancestry lab Family Inheritance Advanced and puts an icon on the far right side of the url box at the top that you can click to see this data

So my first effort with 529 was to look at my three 5th cousins that are all descended from Isaak and Sara Steinhardt:

So I put each of them in the first box on Family Inheritance Advanced me and the other two on the right. Plus I did myself. Looked at all of them in table view and then clicked the icon and this is what I saw ( I changed their names):

Name Match name Chromosome Start point End point Genetic distance # SNPs
5thcousinNS 5thcousinTR 2 26000000 30000000 5.2 cM 936
5thcousinNS 5thcousinFH 2 37000000 43000000 6.2 cM 1361
5thcousinNS 5thcousinTR 2 48000000 58000000 7.8 cM 2285
Kitty Cooper 5thcousinFH 2 141000000 147000000 5.1 cM 1121
Kitty Cooper 5thcousinFH 3 172000000 176000000 6.8 cM 861
5thcousinNS 5thcousinFH 4 62000000 74000000 8.5 cM 1731
5thcousinFH 5thcousinTR 5 32000000 37000000 6.9 cM 1298
5thcousinNS 5thcousinFH 6 139000000 144000000 5.2 cM 1010
5thcousinFH 5thcousinTR 8 12000000 26000000 24.7 cM 4890
5thcousinNS 5thcousinFH 9 70000000 77000000 9.2 cM 1449
5thcousinNS 5thcousinTR 10 10000000 13000000 5.4 cM 708
5thcousinNS 5thcousinTR 10 124000000 129000000 11.5 cM 1457
5thcousinNS 5thcousinTR 11 65000000 71000000 6.3 cM 1015
5thcousinNS 5thcousinFH 13 30000000 38000000 11.7 cM 1962
Kitty Cooper 5thcousinTR 13 74000000 85000000 8.3 cM 2106
5thcousinNS 5thcousinTR 15 40000000 46000000 5.3 cM 1103
Kitty Cooper 5thcousinTR 18 57000000 65000000 11.8 cM 1989
5thcousinFH 5thcousinTR 18 64000000 68000000 8.1 cM 1227
5thcousinNS 5thcousinFH 18 64000000 67000000 6.4 cM 960
5thcousinNS 5thcousinTR 18 64000000 67000000 6.4 cM 969
5thcousinNS Kitty Cooper 19 38000000 43000000 5.7 cM 811

What conclusions can I draw from this chart? That we all inherited different bits from our gggg-grandparents except for a spot on chromosome 18 where we all may have gotten the some of the same stuff. Since the Steinhardts and descendants for a few more generations were ashkenazi, some of the DNA we each share with each other may also have come from further back along some other line. My cousins may know of other common relatives with each other but for myself I know of no others with these three.  Matches that are over 10 cm or have alot of SNPs are considered more recent and more significant. So I would think that the 11.8 cm match that I have with TR is from the Steinhardts. Also the larger matches with FH.

So basically this app is doing the collecting work for me. What I prefer is to go through and do each person and keep a spreadsheet for each individual and then make notes and check if my matches with overlapping segments match each other and then see if I can figure out which line it is likely from based on the other matches. I discussed that in detail in my post about making spreadsheets of DNA matches. Great fun and very time consuming!

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  1. Where would one find the 529andyou tool? Typos in your bulletpoint above about it leave me unsure if this is a tool that only works with SQL or with Chrome/23andme….Please clarify. Thanks.

  2. The icon appears in your top white bar only after you do a table view. It had some hiccups after 23andme changed their formats but I think it is OK now

  3. Thank you for posting this, Kitty. I have been using 529andyou for a while and I love it.
    I am wondering, however, if anyone else has ever tried to move the local 529andyou database to a new computer. I can’t seem to find anyone who knows how to do this. Any suggestions?

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