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The new DNA feature at GENI

GENI.com has added DNA to its world collaborative tree not just by displaying haplogroups on profiles but also by using DNA to confirm relationships and to match you to other DNA kits. As always, GENI makes it look pretty. There is a DNA marker line in the top profile section that includes badges showing haplogroups and whether autosomal tests are available. Directly under the relationship path at the top it will also note when a relationship is validated by DNA!

Look at the top of my Dad’s new profile below. Notice the Y haplogroup R-P312 and the AT badges in the DNA marker line and the part under the relationship where he really is my Dad.


To get this I connected the GENI profiles for my Dad, my brother, and myself to our family tree DNA results. Since Family Tree DNA is partnering with GENI the data was available instantly via a login to the other site. One important trick is to log out of Family Tree DNA between doing each profile, else it claims you are still connected. I uploaded a few other DNA tests done at 23andme and Ancestry for relatives who gave permission, but I am still waiting on those to finish processing [update it may be a month or more]. By the way, in order to upload test results for the living, I had to log into their profiles. Dead relatives that I manage or were in my family group were not a problem. I also uploaded my own 23andme results to make sure that I could have two tests on GENI.

You may wonder what you see if you click on the view details link, well it takes you to all the test and matches information you get in the new DNA tab as shown below.

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New at GENI – Descendant and Ancestor Lists

There is an exciting new feature at the collaborative world tree at GENI.com – compact descendant and ancestor reports. These have a number of modern style features. Every person in the list gets a nice summary box on mouse-over and is, of course, clickable to their profile. The number of generations displayed is easily changed with a slider above the report.

These reports are initiated from the Actions menu as shown below.

GENI action menu

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Fun with the relationship calculator at GENI.com

My favorite feature at GENI is the relationship calculator. Often when I find a new Norwegian cousin via DNA, I can look them up at GENI and it will tell me how we are related. Plus a fun way to fritter away a few hours is to use the calculator to find out how you are related to various famous or historical figures. Norwegian records are good and thus many of us can trace back to early Nordic aristocracy which means we are related to all kinds of interesting people.

When I go to my 19th cousin 4 times removed George Washington’s profile, it shows me our relationship at the top. If I had not looked at the profile before then instead there would be a big blue button saying “How are you related” which I would have to click on to get GENI to find the relationship.

On George’s profile, if I click on the green button that says “Show 41 relatives” it will show me the names of all the ancestors on the path from me to George. Plus every name can be clicked to go to that person’s profile. Click the image below to see the names relating me to George over at GENI.

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