A video on GEDmatch basics from Angie Bush

Over and over again I see requests for something on the basics of using the GEDmatch.com site. Although I have many many posts about GEDMatch, a set of presentation slides, and a GEDmatch utilities manual (still being updated, sorry Barton) on this site, something even simpler is needed since most ancestry.com DNA testers suffer severe shock on being presented with the no nonsense screens at GEDmatch.

The good news is that professional genetic genealogist Angie Bush has put together an introductory video on GEDmatch which I am embedding here for all of you.

Angie is a molecular biologist as well as a professional genealogist, so is a very qualified genetic genealogist, unlike us passionate amateurs. Better yet, she can explain difficult concepts in plain English! She has a GEDmatch basics guide for sale at a nominal cost on her site at:

She also runs a google+ discussion group named DNA Genetic Genealogy Interest Group:

7 thoughts on “A video on GEDmatch basics from Angie Bush

  1. Hi Kitty!

    thank you so much for all this information! Unfortunatly, I’m one of those people, who STILL doesn’t get how to calculate %. You say add all the cms above a certain nr and what’s on the X and divide bij 72. But how do I add up all the cms? My first result says : 10.2 CM and the largest is 10.2 I don’t know what I should add up? Hope you can explain!


  2. Nynke –
    I really do not use percentages for anything. But take that 10.2 which is the only matching segment and thus the total and then divide it. Spreadsheets are good at that. I thought it was 71 you divided by so I get .14%

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  4. Kitty,
    how do i get to the $5.95 material? Not at the genes and trees.

    Does immediate donation let me have a more complete understanding of Gedmatch tools immediately at the beginning??

    • KD –
      Angie has taken down the online sale for her guide as it was not cost effective for her to do. However if you use the contact form on her site, I am sure you can arrange to buy it
      As to paying for GEDmatch right away, no that will not give you a more complete understanding. Probably wait until you want to use the triangulation tool … There are many posts here that can help your understanding plus a guide in my downloads area.

  5. Thankyou for this help.

    I am still a little confused regarding how to work out the Percentage match as you didngt mention Ancestry. is this because there are only 2 figures; Autosomal Total and X-DNA Total? I presume I still divide by 71.4?

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