It’s a Match!! Lars Monsen’s ancestors are found.

The direct male line descendant of Ole Monsen Titland  (1702-1764) is a Y-chromosome DNA 34/37 match to my Dad, who we thought was also a descendant of Ole. Now we know he is!

Thank you so much cousin Sigmund for finding a distant cousin in direct paternal descent to test.

This story was written up a few months back in a post here but we were waiting on the DNA Y-chromosome STR test to prove our theory. Now it is proven.

Here are the deeper details of the three markers that do not match:

DYS439, DYDYS448, and CDY-b are the markers where Einar and Dad differ.

DYS439 is known to be a fast mutator.

DYS448 has a mutation rate of 1/700 which is relatively slow but within our R1b group it has a higher variability according to what I have googled. See for a frequency diagram of values for this STR among R1bs  – Einar has 18, Dad has the more common 19.

Finally CDY is marked in red, so is presumably a fast mutator also.

The details can be seen on the second page at the Norway project at family tree DNA. Search the page for Ole Monsen Titland. If you change the markers to Y-37 at the top, our two results will be right next to each other.


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