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Angie Bush reports on a new DNA ancestry.com sharing matches feature

Ed note: My friend, genetic genealogist Angie Bush, the author of this post, is an expert user of the DNA functions at ancestry.com so when she excitedly reported this new feature on the ancestry group at Facebook, I asked her to do a step-by-step explanation of it for my blog. Thanks Angie!

AncestrySeeMatchesSmllAncestryDNA launched a new feature today that allows DNA test results to be shared in much the same way that family trees can be shared with other Ancestry users.

So if you have family members that have taken a DNA test, and you want to see the DNA matches you have in common with them, you finally can! In order to find this new feature, go to “Your DNA Home Page” and click on settings.

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Getting all the in common with (ICW) matches at 23andme

The DNAgedcom website has a wonderful feature whereby you can download the overlapping segment data for one of your matches with all your other matches at 23andme. Since it will include you in the CSV file, you can quickly see if you and your share both match another person at the same spot (called triangulation by genetic genealogists).

Here is a sample of that type of match from the resulting sorted spreadsheet for an adopted close DNA relative I am working with (names of non-family removed for privacy):

Comparison Chr Start point End point Genetic distance # SNPs
Adoptee CR vs 1st cousin GP
5 113000000 124000000 11.8 2217
Adoptee CR vs me
5 114000000 121000000 7.2 1401
Adoptee CR vs Dad 5 114000000 124000000 11.2 2038
Adoptee CR vs my brother 5 114000000 124000000 11.7 2112
Adoptee CR vs SS 5 115000000 123000000 8.9 1602
Adoptee CR vs EJ 5 116000000 123000000 6.8 1391
Adoptee CR vs AH 5 116000000 123000000 7.8 1482
Adoptee CR vs AC 5 117000000 124000000 7.4 1421

The four other matches are a bit small but the one with SS is mildly promising; so to be absolutely sure it is a triangulation I have to compare SS back to my family members. Here is how that looks in the 23andme chromosome browser (which can do three at a time with any of your shares):

And we see that the overlap with me is just a little bit too small to show up, less than the 23andme threshold, but my Dad and brother are a triangulation.

So read on to find out how to use this download feature at DNAgedcom.com.

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