Segment Mapper Tool Improvements: another Wold DNA map

The segment mapper can now make a picture from an unlimited number of people, as long as you specify a color for those above 40. Also colors can be specified for every person. Additionally if you want to use a smaller number of tracks than four, it now will use the extra spacing correctly.

These enhancements all came about because I did not like the way my picture of the DNA inherited from my Wold ancestors in my previous post came out. So here it is again. I added a few more people, made it three tracks, and started playing with the colors. More improvements on the way, like fixing the long key to go side to side.

DNA from my Wold gg-grandparents


Blue segments come down from Jorgen’s ancestors while pink segments come from Anna’s side. Then I color coded my more distant cousins, Torgeir in green, Katy in red, Michael in orange and Henrik in purple. Plus lighter colors are used where the segment is not yet triangulated. It is not finished yet but I thought I would post this anyway so that the improvements are publicized. I will probably replace picture with a better one in a few days.

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    • Hi Jana, nice thing that you do there. I enjoyed many of the posts you listed, but no my blog is not there. I do think that this post is somewhat specialized and mainly of interest to those very much into genetic genealogy. Some of my other posts are more worthy of general attention.

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