Leave it cleaner than when you came

Monahans State ParkI love to take walks in state parks with my dog when we camp in our RV. I particularly like to look at what’s growing where. But too often I see bits of plastic bags and other trash among the flowers.

So I pick it up. When walking with my dog I use the long handled scoop that I use for her poop, a perfect tool for this job. I also carry a few of those lightweight plastic/corn starch shopping bags from the grocery in my pocket. One to keep on my hand so I don’t have to touch the stuff and one to put the trash (or poop) into.

PooperScooperThe picture above is from Monahans State Park on route 20 in Texas, one of my favorite stops when we go to Dallas. The park is right off the highway, yet when you drive into the camping area in the sand dunes there is not a bit of traffic noise and you are in another world. A quiet one with shifting sands. We were just there, and yes I picked up plenty of trash!

To the left is our handy pooper scooper from Walmart.

I understand that the wind can whip that candy wrapper right out of your hand. It has happened to me too often. So I think of it as a form of paying forward. If I pick up the trash I see maybe it will compensate for the trash I left inadvertently.

So I am hoping that some of you will start carrying plastic bags too or use your pooper scoopers for this purpose. There are always trash cans to deposit your findings in after your walk.

Leave it cleaner than when you came.

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  1. We buy rolls of doggie bags with us. I’ve even offered a few to people who don’t bother to scoop when their dogs poop. I think they feel their dog isn’t subject to the same set of rules. I wish everyone would pick up. The other kind just makes it bad for the rest of us.

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