Another Triangulation Success, Another Etne Cousin

So what is the opposite of the saying when it rains it pours? How about the sun is not only shining but there are rainbows!

When you keep extensive spreadsheets that include the common ancestor for segments of DNA that triangulate, you sometimes have quick success with a new DNA relative.

I recently shared my Norwegian 3rd cousin’s kit with Shelley on 23andme. She has a large X match with him that I am still working on. His maternal side from Rogaland is not related to me that I know of.

Naturally I always compare a new DNA relative to everyone else possible. I was surprised to discover that she shares a small bit of DNA with my Dad and my brother that triangulates with a known fourth cousin and her sister. Synchronicity … these are the same cousins mentioned in my previous post about my X segment from Ve and Fatland.

Etne Fjord, VE farm at distant left

Etne Fjord, Ve farm at very distant left hand side

So I emailed Shelley and told her that she shares a small (6cM) segment that we know comes to us from our ancestor Aamund Bjørnson Tvedten (Ve) 1772-1842 so perhaps we share one of his ancestors. She replied back, all excited, wow my great-grandmother is Anna Wee (Ve).

A quick search discovered Shelley and I share a common ancestral couple, my Aamund’s parents Bjørn Person Ve 1725-1792 and Metta Olsdatter Fatland 1729-1805. They are my fourth grandparents and her fifth, making us fifth cousins once removed. To figure this out I count the Gs in the closer relationship then add the number of removes for the difference in generations or more easily, I use GENI or wikitree to tell me the relationship.

I am still amazed that Shelley shares DNA with so many of her 5th cousins once removed. Yet another case that differs from the data Debbie Kennett discusses at but then Norwegians had large families of 8-10 kids with at least 6-7 reproducing for many generations which would change the calculations done by AncestryDNA. Shelley and my common ancestral couple had 14 children of whom 7 lived to have 8-10 of their own.

Back to the X match, this rates to be on Shelley’s Dad’s side since it is her mother who is my relative and my 3rd cousin is related to us on his paternal side. However my 3rd cousin’s DNA does show that his parents are distantly related. As we all know, X lasts a long time, so this might be from the same family line further back. More research is needed.

Last but not least, Shelley is an adoptee who has found her birth mother’s family but not her Dad. From her DNA her dad is at least half Norwegian, perhaps 3/4. So time to stretch my search angel wings …

Oldest of the Ve farms, the one where our common ancestors lived

Oldest of the Ve farms, the one where our common ancestors lived

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  1. Kitty – I am so glad to see that genetic genealogists continue to do what academics say “can’t be done.” Congrats. If this was “by chance,” and not by triangulation, or by descent, then you need to hurry out and buy a lottery ticket before the magic wears off:)

  2. Great job, Kitty! I’m not tremendously surprised, since I recently found a TG consisting of one 6th cousin and two 6th cousins once removed. The segments are from 7.5 cMs up to 8.8 cMs. I really don’t think we know enough about recombination and “stickiness” to rule out TGs even at that distance. Congratulations!

  3. What a great report!!!!

    I love triangulation …and I also love doing the segment matching searches….I’ve been able to get over many a brick wall, both for myself and for others!!

  4. I am Shelley’s “Found” sister! We are trying so hard to figure out the mystery of WHO her Father is. There is no one left alive to be able to give us any hints at all!!
    Shelley sent me a 23andme kit in which I sent back yesterday. This is soooo very exciting to me.
    The co-incidence is that I have been working on Genealogy for at least 15 years BEFORE I knew of Shelley’s existence. I hope that one day we can figure out Shelley’s mystery and WHY our mother took it to her grave!
    Another crazy thing about DNA? We look so much alike even sharing only one parent. In fact, she looks more like our Mother than my other sister who shares the same parents as me.
    This whole experience is completely FASCINATING.

    • Pamela, what a great sister you are!!! Your DNA results will make all the difference to Shelley’s search for her Dad. Let me know when you have them and I will help then. Also, if you like, i will do some analysis of your results as a thank you, dear cousin

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