Tools I have written

Tools to make GEDcoms for Genealogy:

Tools for making pictures of your matching DNA segments

  • Ancestor Chromosome Mapper: Make a map of which ancestor contributed which segment to you. Can show up to 10 ancestors on each side. Display is on two tracks, one for maternal and the other for paternal ancestors.
  • Overlapping Segment Mapper: Look at overlapping DNA segments  from up to 40 people in a chromosome chart. Display is stacked on four (or any number of) tracks to allow for display of overlaps.
  • One Chromosome Mapper: Sometimes you would like to see the detailed picture of overlapping DNA segments on one chromosome. This tool shows you up to 40 of those.

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Tools for working with CSV files for unknown parentage searches:

  • Tree Slicer for GWorks This tool extracts the desired lines from a CSV file. It takes two CSV files and makes a third one with only the lines from the first file that match the values in a specific column with the same values found in the second file. Created to make the GWorks a_ file that goes with the new m_ file from the GWorks M-O-M tool.
  • Kworks – automatically group segments with a matrix: Takes two CSV files, the autosomal matching segment sheet and the “in common with” list downloaded via DNAgedcom from Family Tree DNA and produces a grouped spreadsheet with matrix of matches next to groupings. Written for the adoption community but useful for all.