DNA Day 2015 sale has arrived!

To celebrate DNA day on April 25, is having a five day sale starting today.

I have advised many of you to wait for this $79 price and now it is here! Go get some tests.

To learn more about the DNA test at ancestry see this blog post of mine. Also I advise that you also upload your ancestry results to either or both of family tree DNA and GEDmatch to find more matches and have a chromosome browser.


2 thoughts on “ DNA Day 2015 sale has arrived!

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  1. Thanks Kitty. Just ordered a kit for my husband. But I had to specify that I wanted the ‘special’ price. Would not have known about it without you !

  2. I bought 9 total this time: 3 kits for family who had agreed to take the test, and 6 more for other yet-to-be-decided family. Now I have already gotten the go ahead from enough family members to use up all 6 of my extras, so of course now I’m wishing I had been bolder and bought a few more! Will there be a Father’s Day sale perhaps?? haha I’m excited for all the new info coming my way in the next couple of months, though!

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