Y haplogroup humor

Esto’s cartoons often really hit the spot. This one really reminds me of my husband and myself.

Geneapalooza Male Line

Cartoon by Esto Frigus of Geneapalooza, used by permission


When I told my 98% Ashkenazi husband that his Y-DNA haplogroup (E1a1 aka E-M44) probably originated in Timbuktu, he started dancing around the room shouting “I am black!”

He also has about .1% Sub-Saharan in his autosomal DNA even on the conservative view at 23andme. Plus his haplogroup is not even listed at Europedia under European Y haplogroups. So perhaps some Sub-Saharan trader made his way to Israel a few thousand years ago, since this haplogroup seems to be found in low frequencies among Ashkenazim according to this forum post: http://www.eupedia.com/forum/threads/30003-E1a1-Jews-and-Natufians

Next time we saw Ron, a black friend of ours, my husband proudly told him the good news. Ron just shook his head and said, “Black and jewish!” The implication being more ways for people to discriminate against my true love, LOL.


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      • My brother is E1a1 at FTDNA , all of his closest matches are Ashkenazi. I have autosomal tests in all 3 companies. I have an E1a1 match at 23andMe that has not responded to my request to share. Please check and see if your husband has a request from Theresa King (maiden name). Thank you.

  1. I love genealogy, found your Blog spot in the Avisen, perusing some of my older materials, saw this, stopped to check it out. I am Norwegian; needed help translating the Bygda books I have from Vang Valders.

    • Hi Ruthie, And welcome, what is Avisen?
      Under genealogy above I have a page Called Norwegian which lists various resources I like and posts here.

      What I do for farm book entries for my farms is scan them in, OCR them, then google translate, clean it up a bit with Norwegian words I know, then send it to a Norwegian cousin descended from the same farm see my post on that which includes a link to a Norwegian OCR site http://blog.kittycooper.com/tag/norwegian/

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