Thank You from Rockstar number 7

Thank you all for voting me into the top ten again this year. Special thanks to John D Reid for doing these yearly top ten lists in various genealogy categories. It means a lot to me to have this kind of recognition for all the work I put into helping others with this wonderful hobby.


This year’s genetic genealogy top ten really does include folk who are primarily DNA oriented as opposed to previous years where a number of well known genealogists who are not known for DNA were on the list. Click here for what I wrote last year.

DNA has fascinated me since high school biology when I learned about Mendel and dominant versus recessive genes.

I followed the genetic news for years and wondered if sequencing the human genome would really succeed … In the early 2000s, I read and loved the Bryan Sykes books (Seven Daughters of Eve, etc.) and Matt Ridley’s books (Genome, etc.). Although dated, Genome  discussed a gene on each chromosome and I found it riveting. Then along came personal genome testing and of course I had to test myself and most of my family.

Soon there after I started this blog to help my cousins navigate the DNA world as well as to keep track of my own research. Then I was asked to do a presentation, and another and another … just ask my husband, I love to talk about my passions! By the way, you can purchase my recorded talks and others from the 2015 jamboree conference at

Thank you all for the appreciation, it means a lot to me!

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