Mother’s Day is Coming

My relationship with my late mother had its ups and downs. This strip from Esto Frigus brought out the humor in that nicely.

Geneapalooza for Mothers Day

Used by permission from geneapalooza by Esto Frigus


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  1. Hi Kitty, I just received this from you. I am so excited. I was adopted from England. Knew my mum was adopted by an American service man. Never knew or known anything about my Biological father other that he was from England. Having some sneaky suspensions based on some comments that my mom said. I decided go have my DNA ran. Came back with 45.5% Ashkenazi Jewish. I just got this information Monday. Finally after 63 years the truth comes out. So I’m very interested to know more about my heritage. Is there any way we can find out what tribe were from. I know that Ashkenazi Jews come from Noah’s son Japheth thru Gomer.

  2. Michael I know nothing about jewish tribes. Your Y DNA haploggroup J1e suggests you are a Cohanim, a descendant of Aaron see
    but 23andme is not as accurate on Y haplogroups as family tree DNA

    As to relatives, Ashkenazi DNA is difficult, many articles here

    also read this from Cece Moore:
    “I have found that concentrating on the matches who share above 2% of their atDNA (~150 cM) with fewer, but longer shared segments can show promise. “

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