Results for a second cousin on the Skjold line

The results for our second cousin John who shares Skjold and Wold ancestry are just in today at 23andme so of course the first thing I did was compare him to me, my brother, my dad, and a few other cousins. Interestingly John has inherited far more DNA in common with us than our Munson side 2nd cousin has.

Dad shares 608 cM over 25 segments with John and only 389 cM within 18 segments with Dick, our Munson 2nd cousin. My brother shares 281 cM over 13 segments with John as opposed to 155 cM over 7 segments with Dick while I share 282 cM in 15 segments with John as opposed to 175 cM within 10 segments with my Munson 2nd cousin Dick.

Here is a pretty picture I made with my chromosome segment mapper tool:

Our 2nd Cousin on the Skjold line from Segment Mapper

Overlapping DNA from our 2nd Cousin on the Skjold line compared to family with the Segment Mapper

So what does this all mean? Well for one thing that our presumed Finnish ancestor from Dad and Shipley’s ancestry composition may be on this line. When our cousin’s ancestry composition comes in we will have a better idea. I need to check the start and end numbers for the Finnish segment. Also it means I can compare this cousin to all the as yet undetermined DNA relatives to see if they are on this line, Dad’s maternal line. So more soon 🙂


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  1. Hey ,
    I was wondering how this works I did my DNA recently because I’m adopted and I received a match that says 3,446 centimorgans shared across 76 DNA segments . What does this mean. It says this could be a parent which is freaking me out. Is anyone could explain how this works !

  2. Largest Seg Total cM Gen Overlap
    60.0 485.5 2.4 72255

    Im new to this. Can you decipher this for me? Please.
    how close are we, shes 80 yr old and adopted. I am adopted also. But know my Birth mother but not my father. Thank you for any help.

    • Based on your shared cM, and presuming she is much older than you, she is most likely your half great aunt (one of her parents being the half sibling of one of your grandparents) but she could also be a 1st cousin once removed (a first cousin to one of your parents, one of her parents a sibling to one of your grandparents)
      This calculator takes the number and gives you possible relationships:
      I have many blog posts for adoptees here – see this page for more resources:
      Hopefully you can help each other solve your mysteries. Is your mother or any maternal side relatives tested and not matching her?

  3. Hi, I’m hoping someone could explain how close this relative is to me based on Geneanet results
    SNP’s – 1876
    CM’s – 12.76
    Half identical

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