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Y haplogroup humor

Esto’s cartoons often really hit the spot. This one really reminds me of my husband and myself.

Geneapalooza Male Line

Cartoon by Esto Frigus of Geneapalooza, used by permission


When I told my 98% Ashkenazi husband that his Y-DNA haplogroup (E1a1 aka E-M44) probably originated in Timbuktu, he started dancing around the room shouting “I am black!”

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A break for humor

The genealogy cartoon strips done by Esto Frigus at geneapalooza always lighten my mood.

This week I am too busy polishing my talk for Rootstech (this coming Friday at 2:30, Ballroom C) to write any posts. So instead I offer some humor from Esto that is quite relevant to the fact that I am flying to Salt Lake City tomorrow for a genealogy conference!

cartoon used by permission of Esto Frigus