Goodbye Norway, hello again California

So my trip to the land of my ancestors has ended and I am home, busy catching up on correspondence and work. It may be a few more days before I start blogging about genealogy and genetics again. The exciting news is that we got three DNA samples from 2nd, 3rd, and 5th cousins while over there. One came from knocking on the door of a farm house with cousin Corinne and saying, “Our ancestors lived here, are we related?”

Tromsø from a boat

Tromsø From Boat

The last week of my trip was spent at a Bridge Tournament above the Arctic Circle in Tromsø. I was amazed at how difficult it was to get my sleep rhythms in synch when the sun never set. I think I did not play my best. I was also surprised by how much colder it was there than down South.

Tromso was the start point for many artic explorations and had several museums with displays celebrating this plus a lovely Sami exhibit at the University Museum.

My plane home had a 5 hour stopover in Oslo so I took the train in and visited their art museum, the National Gallery and the Dance of Life exhibit.

Oslo National Museum

Oslo National Gallery

No photos were allowed of Munch’s Scream but I took many pictures of Norwegian landscapes that really appealed to me as well as some of the impressionist paintings.

Selfie with a Degas

Selfie with a Degas


Here are a few of my favorites:

I am not very good at creating selfies yet but here is my effort with a Degas





A classic Monet in Normandy

A classic Monet in Normandy

A Paris scende by Berthe Morisot

A Paris scene by Berthe Morisot

Then some lovely Scandinavians. Corinne and I visited a graveyard on a hillside when looking for Titland that was very like this one.


Hans Heyerdahl 1857-1913 captured the feel of Norway very well. You can read more about him at Wikipedia.


At Aasgardstrand 1887 by Hans Heyerdahl

Although Gustaf Adolf Fjæstad Christensen was Swedish, I still loved the patterns he saw in this flood.


Spring flood 1909 by Gustaf Adolf Fjæstad Christensen

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  1. You sound like a very remarkable woman, Kitty. But of course you would be, you are a relative! Ha. I hope to have the pleasure of meeting you face to face soon. So enjoy your emails.

    Xox Cousin Jan

  2. My husband has for ethnicity from FTDNA 48% Norwegian and we were in Tromso and even up to North Cape. Need to spend time on tree research first!

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