GEDmatch: a wonderful tool

One of the best tools around for genetic genealogy is the GEDmatch site which allows you to upload your raw data from whatever service you used and compare it to everyone’s data at GEDmatch in many different ways. But my favorite tool is the pretty pictures of your ancestry mixtures (called admixtures). Here is mine using the Eurogenes K12 calculator which seems best for us Northern/Scandinavian folk:


What does it all mean? A discussion of these populations is here at the Eurogenes blog.

Here is Dad’s picture:

For those family members who want to play with this here are our Gematch kit numbers:
Kitty M224336
Dad M225120
Shipley M155418
Dick M134431


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  1. Hi Kitty…
    Is there a key or a guide to the populations on these tests? Such as Eurogenes K36? Also which test do you suggest for me? My mother is 100% Italian, my father German, English, Irish. Thanks!

  2. I have a GEDMatch account and wonder if there is a way to just add my brother’s to mine rather than creating a new one for him.

  3. I have to use a public computer if I download or upload……I am worried that if I turn computer off…..go back next day… will all this work……

    • Pat,
      Best to download and upload in the same session so you can delete the downloaded file on that public computer after the upload is complete

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