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Holiday Sales and Specials

This is a wonderful time of year for DNA testing because both Ancestry.com DNA testing and Family Tree DNA have great holiday sales. The Ancestry.com DNA testing sale does not start until midnight EST Thanksgiving day and lasts only until the 28th. See the banner below. What’s more, if you have already tested DNA, you can upload to DNA.land and perhaps receive a full genome test for Christmas (see the read more).

myftdnaholidayIn addition to the great bargain prices, Family Tree DNA has special coupons for existing users which are new every Monday. You have to log in to see yours. Click the green box marked Holiday Reward (like the image to the left here) located just above your matches on your home page there.

And let’s not forget that MyHeritage has also entered the DNA testing arena with a holiday sale price of $79. My understanding is that the Family Tree DNA lab is doing their testing so your results should be transferable to Family Tree DNA for more matching sometime in the future. Note that the National Geographic deep ancestry project is transferable already.

Also we have been promised another Christmas present, any day now, Family Tree DNA will be able to take uploads of DNA data from the new chips at ancestry and 23andme for only $39.

So give the gift of DNA testing this year … Happy Holidays all!

and for the information on the DNA.land holiday gifting …

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Christmas DNA Sales are here!


Existing ftDNA customers get coupons

Both Family Tree DNA ($89) and AncestryDNA ($79) have Christmas sales for their DNA kits (those prices do not include shipping). I think the Ancestry.com DNA testing sale will last only until November 20th. Family Tree DNA‘s sale is on until the end of the year. In contrast 23andme just doubled their price but is adding new interfaces and health results.

Family Tree DNA  has special gift coupons for existing customers; so log in every week and see what you have. Roberta Estes suggested that people could put their unwanted codes in the comments on her detailed post about the ftDNA sale. That seems like a good idea to me. You can do that here too, but please indicate in a reply to each coupon comment when you have taken that one. I will list a few of my coupon codes also.

I have written up my recommendations for where to do your DNA testing on my comparison page. Here is a summary of my current thoughts on which company to use.

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