Here are various tools for genealogical research and genetic genealogy that am I sharing with you. My excel template for tracking matches and my 2nd cousin’s guide to Norwegian church books


and check out this GEDmatch introduction over at the DNAadoption site

Genetic Genealogy


Norwegian Genealogy






15 thoughts on “Downloads

  1. I’m getting a blank document for the CSV template download. Is it supposed to be a .csv file, or other? The Excel file was fine. Thank you for providing these.

  2. Thanks kam1892, all fixed! Somehow the file was not there. Either one of the upgrades vanished it or I never uploaded it. Most likely the former since one of the other few hundred before you might have told me :)

  3. The Gedmatch Utilities (PDF) by Barton Lewis and Kitty has a problem for me: My PDF viewing program can’t open the file.

  4. Cheryl, I need a lot more information to help you. Which download gets a blank page? What computer or device are you using and what browser?

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