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Too many figs this year!

It’s a wonderful problem. I have way too many figs this year. I eat two or three every morning while I pick about twenty or thirty more. Below is a picture of two days worth of picking, Time to dehydrate them.

My tree is about 60 feet tall and the wild parrots eat the figs on the top half. Sometimes the parrots are lower down where I can take a video …

Click image for my video of this wild parrot in my tree

I dehydrate the figs and then freeze them but there is very little room left in my freezer and I have not talked my husband into buying a separate one for the garage. So I posted on my neighborhood facebook page that I would trade for lemons (my tree is on hiatus til October) or cucumbers or squash.
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Drying the Excess Figs

One thing I truly love about our garden in our new home in the San Diego area (Lakeside) is all the magnificent mature fruit treesmyFigTreeMed. Fresh figs are my favorite.

Our fig tree pictured on the right must be at least 60 feet tall. See its size compared to my car on the far bottom left.

I had too many figs in the first crop this year and there is an enormous second crop on the tree so I googled around for how to dry figs and decided I liked this link the best:


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