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A video on GEDmatch basics from Angie Bush

Over and over again I see requests for something on the basics of using the GEDmatch.com site. Although I have many many posts about GEDMatch, a set of presentation slides, and a GEDmatch utilities manual (still being updated, sorry Barton) on this site, something even simpler is needed since most ancestry.com DNA testers suffer severe shock on being presented with the no nonsense screens at GEDmatch.

The good news is that professional genetic genealogist Angie Bush has put together an introductory video on GEDmatch which I am embedding here for all of you.

Angie is a molecular biologist as well as a professional genealogist, so is a very qualified genetic genealogist, unlike us passionate amateurs. Better yet, she can explain difficult concepts in plain English! She has a GEDmatch basics guide for sale at a nominal cost on her site at:

She also runs a google+ discussion group named DNA Genetic Genealogy Interest Group: