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DNA news this past week

When you are home and sick in bed what better to do than catch up on reading your favorite DNA blogs? So I decided over today’s bowl of chicken soup to make a page listing the blogs I like to read. It is listed under Resources or click the image on the left.

Also I feel guilty since I am so behind on my own blogging when there is so much news to report. So here are my favorite recent reads to replace my lack of posts:

Legacy Tree Genealogists is releasing their free grandparent/grandchild DNA mapping chartmaker tomorrow, Monday (yes I helped, yes the code is based on my mappers, yes I am an affiliate)

Roberta Estes has a new post on segment size and false matches in her terrific concepts series

She also gives the new 23andme ancestry timeline feature the thumbs down. I do not completely agree with her assessment but as my own post on this is unfinished, perhaps read hers …

Blaine is doing a study that I need to send to all the adoptees I have worked with to fill out

Amy Johnsons Crow’s post on DNA testees and genealogy

Debbie Kennett reports on her Living DNA results

And to tantalize you (I hope), here is a list of my in progress unfinished posts:

  • A jewish adoptee finds his birth family in spite of endogamy with DNA and my help!
  • New Tier1 features at GEDmatch
  • The New Grandparent Mapper released by Legacy Tree Genealogists
  • The 23andme new ancestry timeline feature
  • Ancestry shared DNA from member profile feature
  • DNA.land follow up
  • Exploring 23andme transferred results at WeGene.com for an asian adoptee
  • My Updated Triangulation talk for Rootstech

Now back to bed with my latest science fiction read …