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Adding people from a GEDCOM to familysearch, part 2

I explained step by step how to upload your GEDCOM to in my most recent post. Now to explain to add the people in it to their one world tree.


In order to add your GEDCOM to the main Family Search Family Tree (FSFT), you must go through the people one by one after it has been processed by the familysearch software. You get to the screen shown above the same way as previously explained to do an upload: Search > Genealogies (click very bottom blue button “Upload”). When your GEDCOM has been reviewed by their software it will say “READY” in the status column shown on that Upload page. Now you can click on the blue “View” button to add your family.

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How to add a GEDCOM to

familysearch does not always have easy navigation. It may look pretty but there is so much available there that it is sometimes hard to find what you are looking for. Thank goodness for Google!

I could not find where to add my GEDCOM to their one world tree from the menus, so I googled around and found this URL for their user guide to uploading a GEDCOM which explains the details (no longer online)

As to why you want to do this, it is to use the cool tools at (a blog post is coming on that soon)

Read on for my quick step guide to adding your GEDCOM at familysearch:

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