Help for Adoptees

Dear Adoptees,

If you have deep American roots, then it is likely that you can find your family by doing a DNA test through There are many blog posts here that can help you plus …

Read this summary of using DNA to find biological family at ISOGG – written by the DNA adoption people.

There is a wealth of material at and they also have online classes on how to use DNA in your search.  In addition, there are yahoo mailing lists just for adoptees at . Plus there is a group of Search Angels willing to help you out with your basic Adoption search. Find out more at

Also the DNA Detectives Facebook page is a great resource for those with unknown parentage. They have over 50k members helping each other –

Anyone with 2nd cousin matches at can try the mirror tree technique to figure out which line they are related on – see how here although using GWorks (see below) might be easier.

This article from Leah Larkin, the DNA geek is a terrific summery of the testing process:

Finally I have a number of posts here. Click here for my post which outlines the steps to use the DNAgedcom tools set called GWorks – which uses automation to compare the trees of your matches.