Our Autosomal images

I have done a number of blog posts which include images from our family. These are:

Below is a picture of the matching segments from us siblings, Shipley versus Kitty, that show both half identical as well as fully identical. This is from the new 23andme site from the page under tools called DNA within DNA relatives.  Remember each chromosome is a pair so for Shipley and me to match completely identically in a particular spot we would have to get the exact same segments from each parent. Sometimes we did, sometimes we are half identical and sometimes we don’t match at all. We have about 50% of the same DNA.


Here is the version from the old 23andme site. That comparison tool was under “family and friends” > “traits” > “genome view”.To give a different comparison here is how Kitty and her second cousin on the Munson side Dick Larkin match up:


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