MyHeritage DNA matching is here!

The first release of a new feature, is always exciting but just as often it is also disappointing because it is missing functionality that you expected. I am told that the things I missed the most – search by surname, sorting options – will be implemented, but I did not get a commitment on getting a place to put notes.

MyHdropDownIf you previously uploaded your DNA kit, you can now see your DNA matches at myHeritage by clicking on the tab Discoveries and then on DNA Matches in the drop down (the red arrow in the image is mine as usual). When you have more than one kit there is a drop down to select which kit’s matches to view (a tiny down arrow to the right of your name after the words DNA matches for).

Your matches appear in an attractive list, each in its own box with some information. My known second cousin John is shown below. Scrolling to the bottom gets more matches. There is no paging yet.

If you have not yet uploaded your DNA then go to your tree and find the person whose DNA test you wish to upload. Click on the words Upload DNA data and then follow the instructions.

MyHeritage announced the release of this DNA matching feature in today’s blog post at
where they explain that they are using imputation ( uses a similar technique) to match people from all different companies and chip versions and that they are confident in their accuracy.


So how do these matches look? My close family looks fine. Dad, myself, my brother, and a second cousin who uploaded his data. Cousin John is listed as a second cousin to my brother and myself but he shares 294.9 cM with a largest segment of 81.5 over at GEDmatch. Somewhat different from the image above where his largest segment is close enough at 81.1 but the total is lower at 211. Perhaps that is because I used my brother’s ancestry kit. Checking my own match with him, there is also less shared DNA at MyHeritage (188cM) than at 23andme (283 cM). Even if we remove the 14.4 cM on the X from that total.

But the less close matches are not looking quite so good.


I noticed a possible 3rd cousin Mike O. in Dad’s list (see image above) who has a much larger match with him at myHeritage (4 segments, 51.4 cM) than at 23andme, where he matches for only a single 9.5 cM segment. I am a bit dubious and his tree is private so we will see if he responds and we can find a relationship.

Since my brother is tested at all three companies, I decided to look at his matches next. Surely I would recognize all the names. I immediately noticed Harald A. who has a single segment match with Dad and me on chromosome 7 that we have tentatively assigned to the ancestor that we know makes us 10th cousins. I double checked over a 23andme and no match to my brother. However MyHeritage shows a significant match, perhaps because we are comparing Harald’s 23andme data to my brother’s AncestryDNA old chip data. This is puzzling. I will send him a message asking if he uploaded the correct DNA test …


Looking through his other 3rd cousin matches, none seem familiar. But since people use pseudonyms and just their initials elsewhere this make take me some time to figure out. Stay tuned.

Hmm, another lacking feature is listing where your match tested.

Also I need to upload my real 3rd cousins (once I have their permission) and see how they look. More in a few days.



UPDATE 24 Feb 2017:

and family tree DNA will be able to take these uploads in about a month …


UPDATE 3 May 2017: is taking MyHeritage uploads, login there and then click here for the instructions on how to do that.

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  1. Kitty,
    I’m finding the same as you’re indicating.
    My post here
    I can’t find m/any of the significant looking matches in my match lists on any of the three companies at all, and the ones I can confidently identify from other matches in my (extensive) downloads via trees/unique sounding names etc, simply don’t appear as matches to me at all.
    At least for all the top few I checked, some 20 to 30 of them, all over 20cM largest segments according to MyHeritage

  2. I’ve been there a couple times today. Each time I try to find the place to upload, I get a pop up window that says DNA is not available in my country. Please, please, please don’t let this be yet one more company that believes Alaska is not part of the United States, but their own country. I’ve sent them a message. Hopefully, this little bug will get worked out. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the information that the methodology is similar to DNA.Land. I found the matches there to be highly dubious – and their explanation for that to be even more dubious (according to DNA.Land it is perfectly normal to match someone as 5th cousin but not match either of his parents).

  4. Kitty, Thanks for this blog post. I too am a bit mystified and fell asleep wondering what was what.
    I do not find these 3rd cousin 1 X removed at any sites and I have tested at all 3. I have purposefully left my DNA Tree at less than 250 as I did not want to incur any more charges. What I pay for my AncestryDNA World and other searches including RootsIreland is enough.
    This clarifies it for me A bit.Perhaps their imputing need work.

  5. Kitty, thanks for reporting your experience with MyHeritage. I was curious and I am sitting on the fence at the moment. I have had a full subscription to MyHeritage for a few years that I was enjoying until they removed the newspapers searches (their contract with newspapers dot com expired) but still enjoy the families in Eastern Europe that find me. One question: Did you see any ability to remove your DNA upload if needed ?

  6. Like others, I’ve not been able to identify who our highest matches are on MyHeritage’s lists on FTDNA, 23andMe, AncestryDNA, or GEDmatch (except for immediate family), which makes me a little suspicious. I have a small DNA tree on MyHeritage (below the 250 person limit) as I’m not prepared at this stage to pay for a subscription there. Unfortunately without a subscription, when you press the orange “Contact” box for a match, you see that contact is only possible with a Premium or PremiumPlus membership! I’ve added our GEDmatch numbers to all of our names in the hope that some of the matches might make contact by finding us on GEDmatch, and I’ve also added my contact details on my Welcome screen on MyHeritage. But having to use such partial workarounds is frustrating and will probably mean I don’t bother much with MyHeritage’s DNA function unless they make some significant improvements.

    • What a great idea to add the gedmatch numbers and your information in your profile page ( which I hope non-subscribers can read if they did not subscribe).

  7. Thanks Kitty, everything you say seems consistent with what I saw yesterday. It would be really good to know where people tested as I have tested all 3 companies and have much closer matches here than everywhere else,would love to be able to compare them! Don’t recognise any of the names either!!

  8. I think that My Heritage has a long way to go with their matching algorithm. Of all my 400+ matches I could only recognize my mother. I have reached out to a few matches at My Heritage who are 23andMe customers with longest segment around 25 cM and after sharing genomes I found that we have no matching segment longer than 5 cM at 23andMe.

  9. A cousin of mine bought a dna test kit through MyHeritage. I know that ftdna will be doing the testing, but I’m wondering if she is going to show up on my ftdna match list?

  10. Since my last comment on 7 Sep 2016, someone shown as a “MyHeritage DNA match” has made contact outside of MyHeritage (since we can’t make contact directly, as neither of us are subscribers) and there is absolutely no matching DNA on GEDmatch. At this point I’m very skeptical about most of the DNA matches that MyHeritage is showing for my immediate family members and I am likely to delete all our DNA from there soon. I would be interested to know if anyone has found anything useful yet based on uploading their DNA data to MyHeritage.

  11. It looks to me like their imputation algorithm needs adjusting. I remember how bad the matches at were at first from their imputation algorithm.
    MyHeritage has said that this is a Beta release and they will add more features and tune the matching. I will blog about it again once there are improvements.

  12. thanks Kitty

    Does your drop down for viewing extra kits work ?

    I can see mine which is ftdna
    I cannot see the others, which I uploaded a month ago, they are
    2 x 23andme V4 and 1 x Ftdna

    maybe my family tree is too big
    warm regards

    • Victor –
      It works fine for me. It is a tiny down arrow, easy to miss, just above the straight part of the red arrow in the image at the top of this article

  13. i am very dubious about the matches I have at My Heritage after making a few comparisons at GEDmatch. I am inclined to want to delete my DNA data from there, but cannot find any way to do that. I have sent messages to My Heritage asking for directions to delete my file, but have had no replies. If anyone knows how I can go about doing that, I would appreciate the help. Thanks.

  14. Josie – We are all dubious. Patience, they will get it sorted out.The first matching from which also used imputation was just as poor

      • Max,
        You have to find out from myHeritage how to download the raw data. Then make her an ID at GEDmatch or upload in your own id using the generic upload. I will forward your query to the support folk at GEDmatch to make sure they are ready

  15. Although as stated above, I’m still extremely sceptical about their imputation, which I’m interpreting as saying that they’re taking all data, whatever build, from whichever company, to the same base set of data, imputing the bits that they haven’t received from the kit you’ve uploaded.

    I do have to add that my 2nd cousin’s kit threw up a match, linked to a tree, that enabled me to put a name to an old Anonymous 33cM match on his 23andme list that I’d long been curious about but couldn’t contact on the interim 23andme.
    The tree allowed me to quickly see she is his 5th cousin.
    Msges now sent via MyHeritage and 23andme 🙂


  16. Interesting. I find no one in the international matches that even come close to where I’ve found any of my family. Some are in Russia and Ukraine and I really believe they would have to be at fatherest back I could go on my tree. And even then, people would have had to leave Germany, which isn’t impossible, but the number bother me. I have lots of strange coinnection and have found none of my fairly close ones even. Not going to spend my money/

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    • I uploaded 4 more relatives after I wrote this post so it has been almost 2 weeks and they are still ‘processing’ – I will put a comment here when they are done so you know how long it takes …

  18. I had a lot of matches at first on myheritage. Then I joined for 92 dollars and the matches disappeared. I have four family members on there and they have all been knocked down to about 8 matches even though the header says about 490.

  19. Their “beta” listings have vanished. I cannot find any place from their website to access the first results they sent. I suspect those results were erroneous and they are scrambling to correct problems.
    My support email about the DNA is so far unanswered.

    • Thanks Bonnie – my Beta DNA results are still there, but none of the ones I uploaded right after this blog posting have processed. Looking forward to their corrections …

    • Hmmm … you used to be able to scroll to the bottom to get more matches, but this is no longer working? It is working for me in chrome … try that browser

      • Yes, the other matches do show with Chrome browser. It is all highly suspicious and MH isn’t answering support queries. I will try again.

  20. I hope MyHeritage improves with time. So far I am not finding it useful. I loaded both my DNA and my father’s. For some reason I can only see 9 of my father’s DNA matches and none of those overlap with any of mine. The clock just runs on FIREFOX and Chrome browsers.
    I also loaded my family tree and I have not seen any SMART matches yet as I am told “it is processing” and it has been that way for two weeks. It also does not let me see much about my matche’s family trees as they want me to go to a monthly subscription to use that tool

    • You can try checking your matches name over at GENI, or google search, but so far only the close matches (2nd cousin and better) appear to be good. Hopefully this will improve soon.

  21. I have no idea what they are doing, but I hope they get it fixed, because right now they are just insanely wrong:

    One match on MyHeritage who contacted me, their DNA %:
    DNA Match quality
    Shared DNA 0.9% (63.3 cM)
    Shared segments 4
    Largest segment 29.7 cM

    He already had a GEDMatch, so I did it there, the results:
    Minimum threshold size to be included in total = 500 SNPs
    Mismatch-bunching Limit = 250 SNPs
    Minimum segment cM to be included in total = 3.0 cM

    Chr Start Location End Location Centimorgans (cM) SNPs
    17 37,379,659 43,236,131 3.2 909
    Largest segment = 3.2 cM
    Total of segments > 3 cM = 3.2 cM
    1 matching segments

    So 63.3CM vs 3.2CM Shared DNA, and both kits were 23andme (although I also ran his 23andme again my ancestry and got the same result, as I tested at both).
    I don’t know what MyHeritage is doing, but it clearly needs some work

    • I did my DNA and my moms with My Heritage and after reading all of the replies here I am thinking about using a differ company with the rest of my family. Is it good to switch mid stream and who do you advise to go with? To make matters worse I do not know all of the lingo being used because I am very new to this.

      • Yes test elsewhere for now, probably 23andme or ancestry then upload those resutls to MyHeritage, Family Tree DNA and GEDmatch …

  22. Kitty,

    In the MyHeritage DNA Matches (Beta) screen, if a “match” has a shared ancestor in common on his/her family tree and your tree, is there some kind of notation to alert you to this?

    I am skeptical regarding MyHeritage’s DNA “matching.” There are some inexplicable “matches” from Russia, Estonia, and Hungary with large matching segments. So far, I recognize the name of only one (1) of the 500+ reported matches.

  23. While I am not sure every match on MyHeritage is an accurate one, I have found it useful. My father has a fairly unusual surname. I found an Ancestry user who had many people with the same surname on his tree, but we were unable to tell how or even if our ancestors were related. He showed up in my MyHeritage matches, which indicates to me that our families may, indeed be connected. So, for me, at least, uploading data was worthwhile.

  24. Given the unreliability of the matches posters here are describing, this may explain why they MyHeritage is delaying the SMART matches. To help others, I have updated my home page at MyHeritage to include my kit number and advise them where my other testing data is under my real name.

  25. I’m confused as to how so many people have already gotten their matches at MyHeritage. I submitted my DNA results over a week ago and all I get is that “it is still processing”. How long does this take?

    • Rose, Most of us uploaded about 6 months ago. My new uploads are still processing also. They still have some work to do to improve matches!

      Patience is an important virtue in the genealogy world 🙂

  26. Hi

    I uploaded my 23andme v3 data and now I want to upload my ftdna one.

    How do I firstly remove the 23and me one?


  27. What’s going on here is that MyHeritage is trying to sell suckers on to data plans to “find” these supposedly close cousins. The first day I got any matches sent to me, I fired off about a dozen emails to people who I had not already heard of through the big three DNA companies. Only one of them (and the vast majority responded) had even a smidgen of DNA in common with me, at about the 5th or 6th cousin level.

    I know MyHeritage was in cahoots with 23andMe some time ago, clearly, they didn’t learn much about DNA during that association. Or, they did, and they’re just deliberately overstating relatedness as part of a scam to sell services to people who wouldn’t normally pay them for anything.

  28. I was directed to this blog, and appreciate the author and the writers. I spent probably 10 hours yesterday on so-called third cousin matches, including ones from countries which do not match with my basic ancestry.
    Then a man who said the myheritage algorithm was wildly inaccurate led me to this blog. All I can say is that myheritage has wasted a lot of good time of people who rely on them. This appears very dubious and unprofessional, from what otherwise seems to be a fine company.

    • So sorry R H that you wasted so much time. The algorithm they are using seems to work for 2nd cousins and even some 3rds, but the more distant matches are just not correct.

      Someone from My Heritage at a recent conference suggested it might be next spring before they have this working well.

      Too bad because as you say they are a quality company. I will post here when there is any improvement in results

  29. I was in conversation with two of my so-called 2nd cousin matches on MyHeritage and both turned out to be wrong when checked on GEDmatch. They were both over 50 cMs. I hesitate to think that any of the matches are correct.

  30. I have so far contacted three estimated 3rd cousins or closer on MyHeritage who have responded and supplied their gedmatch kit #’s. None of the three had ANY dna segments in common with me! I uploaded my kits for free when they first made the offer, so I suppose I will wait and see if they straighten this out. I’m not going to waste any more time exploring the MyHeritage dna matches for the time being.

  31. I finally subscribed to My Heritage today when offered a 50% saving, hoping to review and contact some of the DNA matches I can see there. I have always hated navigating the trees on My Heritage. Is there any way to extract surnames or pedigrees easily like in your wonderful DNArboretum?

  32. Just received both my wife and my DNA test results from My Heritage. We are both French-Canadians with direct roots from France. Our test results show ZILCH connection from France ! It is like we have thrown $200 into the garbage can. My Heritage suggest shortcomings in their genetic model. As far as I am concerned this is equivalent to a scam since before we take the test, we are not given any indication that we could get very unreliable results. Of course we did not get any close family match on their site. I would strongly advise not to use that company for tests. I am going to Ancestry to see if I can at least get some connection to France where our ancestors come from

    • Normand – Very few of the French have done DNA testing because paternity testing is illegal there. There are more foreigners at 23andme than ancestry but ancestry has the bigger database. Se my article on where to do DNA testing under DNA basics above.

    • Wow, I just thought about what you posted and my father’s family was French-Canadian and not an ounce of French showed up on mine either. I wrote it off as maybe they just settled there when they came over from Ireland. I didn’t know where to go with it. I am getting ready to send off for some other family members DNA kits but not sure where to go. Any ideas?

        • It is not only that few french people are testing, it is because My Heritage and/or Ancestry site (.fr) don’t allow us to upload our raw data.
          I did test at FTDNA, I also uploaded to gedmatch but can’t upload on other companies. So if you are looking for french people go to gedmatch or FTdna

  33. How to upload MyHeritage DNA results to GEDmatch:

    MyHeritage will eventually get their data concatenated (combining X-DNA with autosomal). This is what is needed to make their data compatible to GEDmatch.
    In the meantime several GEDmatch users have successfully uploaded MyHeritage files by copying the three CVS files included in the MyHeritage Zipfile together, then deleting all the notes and headers.

  34. As far as I am concerned My Heritage DNA is as am, the information they sent me could have been acquired from my Facebook page, I emailed them to tell them this and no reply, would be a joke if it was not so,serious.

    • I agree. I am sitting here with birth documents, Historical Society documents, etc. and NONE of this was reflected in HyHeritageDNA.. It is very frustrating. I am half Hungarian and also English/Irish. NONE of this showed up. Italian, Greek, and Kenyan. Surprising and unbelievable.

      Big disappointment as my records are going back to0 1830 in Ireland/England and even further in Hungary. What is going on here? This seems like a well greased scam.

  35. Is there a way to download the raw autosomal data from My Heritage and upload it to Family Tree DNA? I could not find any info on FTDNA re uploading data from My Heritage.

  36. Never mind on the My Heritage data upload to FTDNA question. I just got off the phone with FTDNA. Right now, there is no way to upload the My Heritage raw data to their site (despite the fact they processed the kit) BUT the issue will be resolved in the near future. The rep told me that he expected that the ability to upload from My Heritage should be available in about a month, or so.
    I assume Gedmatch will follow suit at some point in the future but I did not contact them to find out.

    • Thanks for looking into that, I will add that information to the article above. I just added the information about uploading to GEDmatch yesterday.

  37. I got my DNA back from My A little sceptic however. Per the results I see abt 30perc British/Irish ancestry. However do not see anyone on my side of the tree or rumors of anyone from the British Isles. Most of my ancestry is Ashkenazi Jew and Eastern European . my results shows indeed 46 percent Ashkenazi Jew and about 19perc Eastern European with also very small percentage India and North Africa, which makes sense for the Jewish side of my family . However almost 30perc British Isle ? really ? I go back on my side to the early 1800’s and nothing close to the British Isles. One fact , I am blonde, and am the only blonde on my dads side of the family , including my brothers. Maybe I should ask my brothers to get tested too, and , then after, possibly have a serious talk with my dad if no British DNA shows up my brothers side…..:))

  38. I uploaded the results from Ancestry DNA and 23andMe to My Heritage, and some of my genetic matches are plain wrong. Some woman from England contacted me very excited saying we were a match, and we could not find any common ancestors. Later, the system said we were not a match after re-running the tests. Also, another woman contacted me saying we were a match, and I told her it did not appear to be so. This caused a great deal of confusion, and after these two experiences, I really do not trust their results.

    • The autosomal DNA results I got back are completely wrong, although people that have no idea who their ancestors were would never know. However, I have traced all my ancestors except one line, back 400 years, many I have traced back 800 years, and a few I have traced back over a thousand years. My ‘ethnic’ results were 91.8% English/Irish/Welch/Scott. I am indeed mostly Anglo-Norman, my paternal family lived in the Devon area for about 600 years after coming with their cousin William to conquer the place. They have been in America since 1600s, marrying other Anglo-Norman families until just the last few generations. My father’s parents were Dudley Rouse, a descendant of Emmanuel Rouse born in Rhode Island in 1673 and returned now and then to Devon for marriage, and education. This branch dates back to the le Rouse (Rufus) knights and to Rolf the Ganger. His mother was Mona Johnston, the daughter of Alexander H. Johnston of the Annandale Johnstone clan that took land in Ireland, but never really had anything to do with the Irish except to terrorize them. They were also Anglo-Norman, but did marry into many true Scottish clans. Her mother was Bethia Marie Savoy of the Acadia Savoy’s pretty much pure French with a little Micmac from 1635 Port Royal Nova Scotia. The results from myheritage were ridiculous: all English except 5% of some weird Jewish enclave in the middle of Russia, and 3% Eastern European. No one like that appears to be anything even remotely associated with my genealogical pedigree which for almost all families goes back at least 400 years, and some over a thousand. I think they just make it up.

      • Neil,
        None of the companies are perfect with the ancestry compostion yet. It is a very new science. But the English is correct for you so why the complaint? Because it cannot tell Norman English from other English? Those other small amounts could represent some ancestry you do not know of. Paper ancestry is not always correct as some 10% of the time the bio father is not the father of record.

        You might try the Living DNA test if you are interested in a finer breakdown of your English ancestry. They have access to the large People of the British Isles project and so can do a much finer and perhaps more accurate breakdown of British ancestry see

  39. I wanted to share a review I just posted about MyHeritage’s DNA testing service on I’m a DNA testing newbie but I thought my experience with MyHeritage DNA might be helpful if anyone’s considering using their service. I have read your blog several times now while waiting on results to come back and learned a lot here:

    Several years ago, my brother had his DNA tested on 23andMe and found that he is about 50% Eastern European/Polish (mom’s side), and about 23% French and 23% German (dad’s side) with about 4% as “other” regions. I found it nice to confirm what I’d always been told about my family heritage through my brother’s results.

    In Jan. 2017, I started working on my family tree using the MyHeritage system and became a paying subscriber. I purchased their DNA test and got my results back rather quickly (within 4 weeks). I had my brother upload his 23andMe data file to MyHeritage so we could compare results.

    MyHeritage DNA results say that he and I only share 32.9% of our DNA. I was expecting that number to be closer to 50%, although I have read that full siblings can have a low % of shared DNA; it’s all about matching full segments using something like GEDMatch (I haven’t uploaded there yet because I want to double-check my results with 23andMe results). MyHeritage did associate my brother as “possible relationship: brother,” so that’s a good thing.

    MyHeritage DNA results tell me that I am 52% British & Irish, 39% Eastern European, and 8.8% other.

    I would think that the 39% Eastern European is the Polish/mom side of things, but the 52% British & Irish should be German & French. Looking at all the possible regions for the MyHeritage results, the Germany/France group is quite close to the British/Irish group, so it’s possible MyHeritage is working on their locations algorithm.

    I should also note that in my genealogical family tree research, I have found ancestors back into the 1600s that are coming from Poland, France and Germany – nothing in England or Ireland.

    As a double-check, I ordered and submitted another DNA test to 23andMe and I also ordered a 23andMe test for my dad – that way the whole family is on one platform. We’ll see what those results say. It could be that I have a mystery father and my brother is only a half brother. Wouldn’t that be an interesting thing to discover?

  40. As of MyHeritage raw DNA data upload to Family Tree DNA. I’ve contacted FTDNA customer service about a month ago. I’ve got the answer, they are working on the issue, but couldn’t tell when i could be possible to upload from MH to FTDNA. I’m looking forward to be able to upload my raw DNA data. Just for the information.

  41. There’s definitely a flaw in their matching system. I have a known second cousin who I share more than 300 centimorgans with, and we do not match on MyHeritage. We both tested at ancestry and uploaded to gedmatch. Also, my grandmother doesn’t match a known cousin of hers on MyHeritage, but they share about 400 centimorgans on FTDNA and gedmatch . They’re not even matching known relatives correctly so I’m very skeptical about people I don’t even know.

  42. hmm, I just stumbled about this blog while looking if anybody else got problems with my heritage dna. I actually like the company and their call center is super friendly but I don´t trust their analyses… got a notification in my timeline that they were not able to process my sample…three days later I got a result, but the date of arrival (of the kit) changed in the timeline…seemed a lil bit like: we are trying to process the sample even it`s poor instead of writing an email and give me the possibility to repeat it properly…is anyone familiar with that “problem”?

  43. My brother and I were adopted. We both had are dna tested recently. Mine with Ancestry and his with Myheritage. Turns out we share 34 cm’s in GEDmatch but nothing shows up in My DNA is on myheritage as well. Very confusing.

    • Every company uses a slightly different chip and different algorithms for matching. Trust the GEDmatch matching before the others.

  44. Can a non member of My Heritage who had their DNA done through My Heritage upload their raw data to GedMatch and if so how? My sonnISba Membernbut has not time to do Gedmatch. Has not tried to sort his DNA Matches yet. I have had two successful matches which match my own paper records.

  45. I ordered myheritage kits for my family for Christmas. A few days ago I got a message that said they were unable to obtain a DNA sample and they were running the second vial. It stated this happens to less than 1% of their users. I followed the directions to T except I didn’t eat or drink for 1 hour before the test. Has this happened to anyone else? I’m worried the second vial will not be readable and then what happens?

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