How is it that I share such a large DNA segment with so distant a cousin?

I recently posted this insight to the DNA-NEWBIE mailing list.

I have found it interesting that I share fairly large segments with a 10th and a 14th cousin but none with a 4th cousin that my Dad does share DNA with. Norwegian records are good so all these cousins have good paper trails. i did notice that we all come from many generations of large families…

This blog article offers a good mathematical explanation of this phenominum.

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  1. #1 Autosomal Ethiopia
    The theorized Expansion of E1b1 (E1b1b to the Medetranean & E1b1a to Subsaharan Africa) from Ethiopia, can be verified by Autosomal impartial analysis, because most people hate to use Ethiopia as autosomal contributors (for both E1b1a West Africans & E1b1b East Meds), because using Ethiopia as a measuring stick will show higher percentage of (African) autosomes in modern Non-African populations. Which is not not desired for many reasons (Commercial) so the African pole is Nigeria or West Africa. When in realiy Africa has two autosomal poles an Ethiopian one associated with the expansion of Ethiopia E1b1 (E1b1b into the Med & E1b1a deeper into Subsaharan Africa)

    #2 Autosomal Dinka
    South Sudan that is, specifically the Dinka males who are A1b1+, represent the lineal populations that never left Africa, thus are the best representative of Paleo African autosomes

    #3 Autosomal Caucasian
    The lineal Caucasian autosomes are best represented by the G+ Georgians & J1+ Dagestanis both highland populations that preserved a Caucasian language & Caucasian specific lineage

    #4 Autosomal Asians
    Best represented by Mongol males who are C+, their autosomes shared by the R1 males that dominated the Indo European world & Pre Coloumbian Americans. In Europe Asian autosomes give in to Caucasian/Ethiopian autosomes as you move East to West, because they started mixing with the Paleo Europeans, in effect reducing their autosomal imprint as they moved west, thats why R1 Europeans from the British isles were distant from the Q Native AMericans by the modern era. As the native Americans were autosomally closer to the ancestors of the R1 males

    Unfortunately autosomal testing is not organized and companies focus on commercial gain, rather than deep analysis

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