Norwegian Genealogy

One of the best introductions to doing Norwegian family history research is at

I just discovered a very helpful blog by Norwegian genealogist Martin Roe Eidhammer that has many good posts on naming, gothic handwriting, bygedebooks, and a genealogy Norwegian word list at 
Here is his list of bygedeboker online for non-Norwegians:

Another good article on basic Norwegian genealogy research is

These posts on my site here are helpful for doing Norwegian Genealogy:


This site has many useful links and articles:

And the folk on the Rootsweb Norwegian mailing list are really helpful:


This word list at Familysearch is quite useful when reading the Bygdebøker:

as is this dictionary

and this dictionary (focused on words used in Bygdebøker)


The Norwegian Digital Archive (updated as of 6 June 2017) is at:


Norwegian Emigration website


I did a post on Using an online Norwegian OCR program:



Here is a nice one page summary of Norwegian history:

And a wonderful article on why so many Norwegians emigrated to the USA in the mid to late 1800s (I have heard that there are more Norwegian Americans than citizens of Norway):




5 thoughts on “Norwegian Genealogy

  1. Thanks for your kind words about my blog. It is highly appreciated. I had to smile when I saw it, as it just so happens that a link to your blog is included in one of my articles that is scheduled to be published shortly. Have a nice evening! ☺

  2. Thank you very much for your kind offer to proof read. I will certainly keep that in mind. I know that my English is not perfect, but I always keep it in mind and try to get better.
    I like to think of blogging like a dialog and if we were to speak together you would clearly hear that English is not my native language.
    One of my American friends are a really good writer (not proffesional). If I mess up too much he is on me through Facebook or Skype and goes “Listen Martin” I use to reply something like “Ok, do your thing, but leave a little bit of me in it. 🙂
    Brw; If I when I wrote and scheduled my posting at had known that you would mention my blog, I would of course put the link to you at the top 🙂

    • It is lovely that we read each others’ blogs.
      By the way re Bygdebuk, I think one can request a 6 month research membership from the USA. I plan to try that and blog about it in a few weeks. Currently I just take photos of the pages of my families in the FHL when I visit my Dad and brother in Salt Lake City

  3. That sounds very interesting. I know that access from outside Norway are granted under certain conditions. I look forward to learn about your experience. Hopyfully you will let me include a comment in my article, of course, with a link to your blog.
    Funny you should mention SLC,Utah; My friend (who’s name is also Martin lives in West Jordan UT. He is the Master Trollogist of the USA he has a blog at Even though I am not that fascinated by trolls I think his trollstories are fun.
    Oops; it’s passed midnight in Norway, I’d better wake up my wife who most likely is asleep in front of the TV and then get to bed. Have a nice evening 🙂

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