Family Tree DNA family finder basics

Family Tree DNA (ftDNA) has a very good FAQ at

Still the step by step tutorials are always nice to have. Here is the ISOGG page family finder tutorial which needs an update

and these three posts on by Rebekkah Canada show some of the new features not listed in the ISOGG article yet:

Part 1 –

Part 2 –

Part 3 –

And even more corrections and new features:

And another post about the new matrix feature:




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  1. I am searching for. My gg grand parents. And other unknown reajativis including muggy grandmother and grandfather some of them lived in Arvonia. And Buckingham county Appomattox Va Lynchburg pubbeyriver Stapletonect. Johnson mMCcoys Ferguson’s abd on my mothers side Robinson etc.thanks Mott Johnson.

  2. Hi my name is Linda and I have downloaded
    my raw Dan from Fonda and ancestry to gedmatch
    To see the difference in percentages and other population
    I’m matching. I’m guessing it’s better to download raw data
    To get a more precise reading. Is gedmatch good to use are the
    Calculations correct when using decade?

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