Why a blog?

My forays into genetic genealogy were generating way too many emails to my family. So I decided to keep a blog of my latest findings so they could check here instead of getting too many messages from me. This blog also helps me stay organized and remember what I have found out so far.  I also hope that what I have learned will be useful to others. Last but not least, this gives me a place to share the tools I have created for making pretty pictures of genetic segment overlaps.

I also wanted a place to talk about my garden. Much of my new property will stay wild for a while. First I have been getting to know the trees and plants I have. Then I am trying to learn about gardening in zone 9B (san diego east county, a little less than 20 miles from the ocean).

Our view

I do not intend to discuss bridge here. My bridge site, BridgeTeaching.com and our columns on the District 17 site should cover that topic well enough

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