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  1. Hi there,

    I was wondering if you had any insight on the new dna kit from MyHeritage. I recently read that they had partnered with 23andme but could not find any mention of them in any of the press releases I read.

    This is a paragraph from Engadget:

    “Of course, ancestry-oriented gene testing is nothing new — 23andMe revolves around it. However, MyHeritage is counting on both its existing genealogy customers (it has 85 million registered users) and its higher-resolution tests as ways of beating rivals. If you can settle the question of where your origins lay with a high degree of precision, you might be more willing to fork over cash.”

    Just looking for insight as I am looking into getting a kit for my wife and I


  2. I noticed when changed over to Beta and to the Thrulines that the green common shared ancestor leaves only now go to 5 or 6 generations. I lost a lot of common ancestor green leaves that were to 7th and 8th cousins when they changed everything over in April. I didn’t know that was going to do that when they went to Beta. Why did they do decide to only go to the 6th generation now? Even with people who shared common DNA matches with other members, they decided to drop them if the DNA was low. The more distant cousins were more important to me than the closer cousins. How do you feel about that? I didn’t even get a chance to copy all of my distant common ancestors down.

    • Keep scrolling down the page of matches with common ancestors. More will appear at the bottom. However in all honesty when you have a single small segment match with a distant cousin, the likelihood of the found common ancestor being the source of that DNA is not very high. In my own case, I can see that many of the 6th cousin pathways Ancestry has found are unlikely and are just based on similar common names

  3. I find it strange that we can offer comments on a Contact Me page. Personally, I would remove that capacity from the page, since it isn’t really an appropriate place for comments…

    …Except for this comment, which is about the Contact Me page. This one makes sense.

    P.S. Kitty, you should take advantage of the Contact Me page by including a dropdown that offers a number of subject areas for the questions. It’s like a secondary subject line, but could help you categorize incoming messages better. Also, you might even be able to gather some valuable insight into your visitors’ interests and thoughts by including a few checkmarkable items below the comments, like perhaps one that indicates if they have had a DNA test done and with which company. These are just some thoughts about the Contact Me page, since commenting is available for the page and it seems to me that any comments should be about the page itself… 🙂

  4. I am new to your blog, Kitty. Love what I see. I am wondering if you can tell me how Cece arrives at her 2 networks. I can (kinda) see how she gets the first one but where does the second one come from.

    Thank you for any help you can offer me.

  5. Kitty,
    Think I found a half sister who was told she had a different father but I think we share my father.
    Ancestry – Shared DNA 1406 across 41 segments
    Gedmatch -Shared DNA 1546/ largest segment 77.7 /1.6 gen/ overlap 191532

    I ran the GEDmatch® X-DNA One-to-one Comparison – V1.0 and got the following:

    Default settings:
    Largest segment = 98.5 cM
    Total segments 181.1cM (95.441 Pct)
    2 shared segments found for this comparison.
    14067 SNPs used for this comparison.

    There was a black break in the blue line which confused me

    Default settings with the exception of “Prevent Hard Breaks (default is to create hard breaks when
    distance between SNP’s exceeds 500,000 base positions):”
    Largest segment = 190.1 cM
    Total segments 190.1cM (100.158 Pct)
    1 shared segments found for this comparison.
    14067 SNPs used for this comparison.

    No break in the blue line!

    Looking at this information and the fact that I know for sure her mother and my father did in fact date (even though my father swears she could not be my half sister) – am I correct in believing that there is no question she if my half sister?

    Thank you so much for your consideration of this question

  6. Hi Kitty,
    I cant verify the code to send you email so trying here. I was wondering about my parents results on that are your parents tool. My grandparents are related on each side and also my paternal grandma seems to be related to my maternal granny. I am confused. Thank you

    • Selma –
      I sent you an email but to give a quick response… If your parents are more distantly related than 2nd cousins, it may not show in your DNA. The more distant the relationship, the more random the amount of inherited DNA.

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