Yes you can hire me to help with your DNA analysis or genealogy. I prefer to do personal coaching via Google hangouts or Skype. The idea is to teach you how to use the available tools to reach your goals.

My specialty is genetic genealogy, that is using DNA to figure out relationships and break brick walls. I also can help with genealogy, Norwegian research and some German Jewish. For everything else, I highly recommend Legacy Tree Genealogists, yes I am an affiliate but I know many of them personally and they are great!

I have spent the last 20 years doing family history and genealogy and 7 years doing DNA in addition to my day job of running a small business for web site development (which I am now mainly retired from).

Contact me with my contact form here or via kittymcooper at gmail.
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  1. I went through NG and that was Ancestory .com who seemed to mail it back ? My questions are many. I want to know the medical weaknesses in my line. I am ill. Chronically ill. No life insurance will cover me . Anyway, I heard rumor that the USA was cut off from that part of the DNA study and Britain got it , no problem. I will transfer here , because .. did not seem to do a thourough job , except partially on my moms side.

  2. Shawn –
    If you did an autosomal DNA test at any of the main companies, you can upload your raw data to and discover what health information lurks in that subset of your DNA which was tested.
    23andme does still test health related DNA but cannot report on it until the FDA clears them. However you can again load the raw data from 23andme to
    So if it is health data you want then do the 23andme test

  3. I downloaded my ancestry raw data to gedmatch. But when I go to the gedmatch menu.”genealogy” 1 to all , it ask me for gedcom I’d…..not my kit ID on Gedmatch. Where do I get that ID. It says it was an ID I got when I downloaded my file to gedmatch

    • Cathy –
      I have many posts about GEDmatch here see
      Uploading your DNA raw data lets you use the DNA features there like the one to many DNA kit comparison BUT …
      You need to upload a GEDcom to GEDmatch to use the GEDcom tools like the one to many GEDcom compare. If you go to your tree at ancestry or your FTM program you can export your tree as a GEDcom. Google that if you do not know how.

  4. Hi Kitty

    I have recently signed up to 23andme and found I have a DNA relative. It says 18.4 % shared DNA with 27 segments. 23andme have categorised this person as my grandfather – which is impossible given that we are of a similar age. I have made initial contact with the person but I can’t find any chart that explains this level of shared DNA. Seems just under for a half sibling (minimum seems to be 19.42) and too much for a first cousin. I haven’t requested to share genomes yet because I wanted to understand it a bit more before I open a can of worms here! Any advice would be gratefully received.

  5. Hi Kitty,

    I stumbled upon your blog while looking into ancestry-oriented genetic testing options as a gift for my 80 year-old parents. They’re not avid genealogists so they probably won’t be interested in constructing a full family tree, but they love science and natural history so I think they’ll still find the information fascinating. However, given the level of technicality, and the fact that their computer skills are somewhat limited, it looks like they’ll need a professional to interpret and explain the results. Can you tell me if anyone offers a consultation package that’s geared toward this type of audience. My ideal would be someone who could spend 1-3 hours walking them through the information and digging deeper into aspects that interest them, or showing them how to do that themselves. I checked your link above, but the packages don’t seem appropriate for this.

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

    • I would be perfectly happy to offer you such a package for them. I usually teach people via google hangout but you may want someone local who can go to their house. I will email you

  6. Possible to triangulate using a brother, a 6th cousin 2xremoved to verify another person to be ian 8th cousin? Trying to determine common ancestor from 1720 era. Finding common segments on Chr 15 for us around 4-5 cM range only though and a few hundred SNP only. GEDMatch has lowest threshold of 7-8 if I recall. Too high to be of use I think. Suggestions?

  7. Hi Kitty
    Thanks so much for all your amazing work and sharing! My mother never knew her father and never gave up searching. Ancestry shows 900cM “out of the blue” match as my closest relative. It looks from his dates as if his father may have been my Mother’s father. It seems as if from the geek dna charts, given his age, he’d be a half-uncle. I’ve heard segments can further pin down avuncular relationships and distinguish them from cousin relationships. The match is 31 segments. What do you think?

  8. Hi Kitty,

    I was adopted 75 years ago and recently done a Dna on and shocked to find i had a possible living relative and who my father (died) may be.
    I have done an Ancestry Dna and a possible relative has done a 23andme.
    We have uploaded our files to Gedmatch Genesis and have kit numbers.
    Would it be possible for you to look at a one to one compare and give us your professional opinion. Looking at the Chart looks very promising but a 3rd opinion would be helpfull. I can supply Kit numbers in an separate email. Please let me know if this can be done…thank you, rich

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